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A dimension is a measurable extent of some kind, such as length, breadth, depth, or height.

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Q: What is the definition of dimension?
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Can a reference dimension on an Engineering drawing be toleranced?

No, then it would not be a reference dimension. Reference dimensions by definition have no tolerance.

What is the definition for datum dimension?

A dimension that exactly locates a reference point, reference line, or reference plane

What is the definition of 2-D shapes?

2d shape is a dimension

What is the definition of linear dimension?

The meaning of linear dimension is to measure in a straight line with the units. Which are Kilometer, Meter, decimeter, centimeter and lastly millimeter.

What is the definition for extension line?

The definition to an Extension Line is:A line used to visually connect the ends of a dimension line to the relevant feature on the part.How Extension Lines are used:Extension lines are solid and are drawn perpendicular to the dimension line.- DarKeneD

What is the definition for dual dimensions?

Dual dimensions in engineering is when both the English system's unit for the dimension and the metric system's unit for the dimension are shown together as two stacked dimensions.

Definition of health dimension?

health is state of the physical ,social , mental well being of individual and absence of disease and infirmity.

What definition is 1366 x 768?

This looks like the dimension of a high definition computer screen - 1366 pixels wide and 768 pixels high. A pixels is defined as a picture element.

What is a witness lines?

In CAD"A witness line is part of a dimension. It's the line that extends from the outside edges of the object being dimensioned, to where the dimension text is printed. It helps to point out what points on the object the dimension is measured from."Definition of witness, relating to witness lines"b. One who furnishes evidence."

What is an object with no thickness that extends to infinity in two opposite directions?

This is another definition of a line. It has only one dimension: infinite length.

Definition of symmetry shapes?

Isometric shapes means having the same dimension or measurements. A shape that is equal on all sides is isometric.

Definition of spatial dimention in geography?

Spatial dimension in geography refers to the physical extension or distance in a geographical area. It encompasses concepts such as proximity, connectivity, and scale in analyzing spatial relationships and patterns in a geographic context. Understanding the spatial dimension is crucial for studying patterns of distribution, movement, and interaction of phenomena in geographical space.