What is a witness lines?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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"A witness line is part of a dimension. It's the line that extends from the outside edges of the object being dimensioned, to where the dimension text is printed. It helps to point out what points on the object the dimension is measured from."

Definition of witness, relating to witness lines

"b. One who furnishes evidence."

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Q: What is a witness lines?
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How do you use witness's in a sentence?

This is a possessive meaning belonging to the witness. Here are some sentences.The witness's testimony was crucial to the lawyer's case.He had no sympathy for the witness's disability.That seat is the witness's.

What is the name of someone who witness the signing of contracts?

witness or verification witness

Possessive singular for witness?

The possessive singular form of "witness" is "witness's."

Can a spouse be a witness on property affidavit?

A spouse should not be a witness to a document.A spouse should not be a witness to a document.A spouse should not be a witness to a document.A spouse should not be a witness to a document.

How do you say witness in Spanish?

Testificar (the verb "to witness"). Un testigo (noun: a witness).

What is the word for witness stand?

The word for witness stand is "testimony stand" or "witness box."

What is an adverse witness?

An adverse witness is a witness who is called by the opposing party in a legal proceeding or trial. This witness is expected to provide testimony that is unfavorable or contradictory to the position of the party that called them.

Is a deceased witness to a will detrimental?

A deceased witness is not generally detrimental to a will. The will has to be witness, and that will be recorded at the time of the witnessing. There is no need for the witness to be alive when the maker of the will dies.

When did A Witness end?

A Witness ended in 1989.

When was A Witness created?

A Witness was created in 1982.

When was I Witness created?

I Witness was created in 2003.

Can a prosecuter talk to a sequesterd witness?

If it is a sequestered PROSECUTION witness, of course he can talk to them. If the witness is a defense witness the prosecutor shouldn't be talking to them whether they are sequestered, or not.