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The increase in the number of indivuals in a population per unit time.

Growth rate refers to how fast something grows within a specific time period.

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Q: What is the definition of growth rate?
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What is possible definition of the rate of growth?


What is the possible definition of the rate of growth?

The definition is: "The rate of increased size per unit time".

Definition of exponential growth?

the definition is when individuals in a reproduce at a constant rate

Population growth rate definition?

Population growth rate is the rate at which populations change in size over time as a fraction of the initial population. The formula used to measure growth rate is (birth rate + immigration) - (death rate + emigration).

What is the definition of dependency rate dependency rate?

Growth rate may refer to:Exponential growth, a growth rate classificationCompound annual growth rate or CAGR, a measure of financial growthEconomic growth, the increase in value of the goods and services produced by an economyGrowth rate (group theory), a property of a group in group theoryPopulation growth rate, change in population over time

What is the definition of growth yield?

The definition of growth yield is the rate at which the size per unit time increases. This is very useful for farmers as it helps them decide which crops to grow.

What is the scientific definition of exponential growth?

Growth whose rate becomes even more rapid in proportion to the growing total number or size.

What is the result if mitosis occurs at an abnormal rate?

This is the definition of cancer. It will produce a large growth with uncontrolled activity.

What is the definition and meaning of growth and development?

definition and meaning of growth

What is a possible definition of the rate growth?

How much a population increases per unit time. The growth rate can also be expressed as growth per unit time divided by the population - for example, so-and-so much increase per year.

What is the growth rate for a vet?

What is the growth rate for a vet?

What is the definition of expansive population policies?

Government policies that encourage large families and raise the rate of population growth.

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