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something that involves addition subtraction multiplication or division

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Q: What is the definition of math expression?
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Related questions

What is the definition of a verbal expression in math?

a mathematical problem described in words in stead

In math what is the definition of factor?

a number or quantity that when multiplied with another produces a given number or expression.

What is the definition of term in math?

Each of the members of which an expression, a series of quantities, or the like, is composed, as one of two or more parts of an algebraic expression.

What is the definition of expression in math?

An expression is a collection of terms which are separated by addition or subtraction symbols. Often it represents one side of an equation or a formula.

What is the relationship between a math term and a math expression?

A math expression is a collection of math terms

What is a variable expression in math?

a variable expression in math is a symbol that is in a sentence

What is the definition of a term used in math?

equation, a term is an equationImproved Answer:-An equation or an expression are made from a collection of different terms

What is the math definition for coefficient?

In mathematics, a coefficient is a multiplicative factor in some term of an expression (or of a series); it is usually a number, but in any case does not involve any variables of the expression.

In math how do you simplify an expression?

Math can be difficult at times. To simplify a math expression, it is important to follow the order of operations, or PEMDAS.

Can you solve a math expression?

No. An expression cannot be solved.

What is the math definition of term?

A mathematical expression that forms part of a fraction or proportion, is part of a series, or is associated with another by a plus or minus sign.

What is a math expression example?

A math expression is a symbol or combination of symbols that represents a quantity or a relationship between quantities.

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