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A math expression is a collection of math terms

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Q: What is the relationship between a math term and a math expression?
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In math is 6x an equation?

The mathematical phrase "6x" is not an equation. It is simply an expression. In math, an expression is a term or terms like 5 or 3x + 2. An equation must show an expression's relationship to another: 5x + 3 = 4 3 + 2 = 5

Value of an expression?

math term value

What does the term expression mean in math?

it means to break it down

What expression shows the relationship between the value of any term and n?

The answer depends on what n is. It could be the value to position rule.

What is the math term for 12 n-6 p 6n?

It is an expression

What is the math term used to find the value of an algebraic expression?

A term often used is "evaluate".

What is the definition of a term used in math?

equation, a term is an equationImproved Answer:-An equation or an expression are made from a collection of different terms

What is a verbal model as in a math term?

A verbal model is an expression that uses words instead of numbers

What is the definition of (Math)Term in Math?

variables that allows us to preform equations with numbers.

What does the term relationship mean in math?

A pattern formed by 2 sets of numbers.

What is a math sentence that's made up only of numbers and operations?

A term, expression, equation or identity.

Whats the difference between an algebraic expression and a verbal expression?

The term "verbal expression" in mathematical terms refers to a math phrase or statement that uses words or letters instead of using numbers. An example of this might be "Three divided by two" instead of "3/2."