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give the definition of an andle

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Q: What is the definition of measure of an angle?
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What is the definition of Congruent Angle?

two angles that have the same angle measure

What is the definition of a obtuse angle?

An angle greater than 90 degrees in measure.

What is the definition of acute angle?

An angle that had a measure equal to or less than 89 degrees.

What is the measure of a straight line or straight angle in degrees?

A straight angle is by definition 180°.

What is definition of a right angle used in math?

A Mathematically Definition Would Be: If An Angle Is a Right Angle, Then It's Measure Is 90 Degrees. We Talked About This In Math Today :)

Is there an angle that is the complement of an obtuse angle?

No. By definition, the compliment to an angle is an angle whose measure would combine with the first to reach 90 degrees. Also, by definition, an obtuse angle is an angle whose measure is greater than 90 degrees. There is no angle that can be added to an angle larger than 90 degrees that will cause that angle to be 90 degrees (because the measure of an angle is inherently positive.) Therefore, there is no compliment to an obtuse angle.

What is the definition of protractor?

A protractor is an instrument that is used when you need to measure an angle.

What is the definition of angle ruler?

well an angle ruler is used to measure the interior angles of a shape or an agle period

What is a central angle and what is the relationship of the central angle and the intercepted arc?

In a circle, a central angle is formed by two radii. By definition, the measure of the intercepted arc is equal to the central angle.

When two perpendicular lines meet they form an angle with a measure of what?

They form an angle with a measurement of exactly 90° - that is part of the definition of :"perpendicular".

The measure of the angle formed by 2 intersecting perpendicular lines is 90?

Yes, that is the definition of perpendicular.

Do the measure of the angle formed by two intersecting perpendicular lines measure 90 degrees?

Yes. That's one definition of "perpendicular".