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The likelihood that a particular event will occur is called probability
The ratio of the wanted outcomes divided by the possible outcomes gives a fraction or ratio usually expressed as a percentage.
The likelihood of an event occuring.

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Q: What is the definition of probability?
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What is the best definition for probability in geometry?

Since probability is not a geometric concept, there is no definition for it in geometry.

What is the definition of sure or certain events in probability?

If an event is certain, the probability is 1.

What is the definition for probability sample?

A probability sample is one in which each member of the population has the same probability of being included. An alternative and equivalent definition is that it is a sample such that the probability of selecting that particular sample is the same for all samples of that size which could be drawn from the population.

What is the definition of probability in composite risk management?


What is mathematical definition of random process?

Probability model

The word that goes to this definition a probability of 0 means the event is?

A probability of 0 means the event is impossible.

What is the probability of Saturday following Friday?

The probability is 1:1 (1 in 1) or 100% (by calendar definition).

What is the definition of chance in math?

the definition of chance is to.... smd

What is the definition of compound probability?

Two independent events occurring.

What is the definition of an event that has a probability of 1?

It's the probability that I will take another breath of air, or the probability that tomorrow will come, or the probability that the moon will go through all its phases for the next month.

Can a probability of an outcome be greater than 1?

No. The probability of any event must, by definition, be in the interval [0, 1].

What is the definition of theoretical probability?

Theoretical probability is the probability of an event when all outcomes are equally likely. With theoretical probability, you determine the probability by dividing the number of ways the event can occur by the total number of equally likely outcomes.

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