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Q: What is the derivative of F of x equals 7x squared plus 5?
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What is the answer to 7x squared plus 2x equals 0?


What is 7X squared plus 2X squared equal to?

It equals 53X- a number is squared when it is multiplied by itself, so 7X by 7X = 49X. 2X by 2X =4X, so 49X + 4X is 53X.

What is x2 plus 7x?

if its x(squared) its 7x(cubed) if its 2xX its 14x(squared)

Is x squared plus 7x-30 equals 0 a linear equation?

No, It's a a quadratic equation because you have X squared.

Simplify the algebraic expression 7x squared minus 4y plus 3x squared plus 5y plus 2 and evaluate it for x equals 3 and y equals 9?


Is the second equation the result of a valid operation on the first If so what is the operation 9 - 7x squared plus x equals 9 and the second equation is x - 7x squared equals 0.? visit.

What number is needed to complete the square x squared plus 7x equals 0?

49/4 or 12.25

What is 3x squared plus 7x plus 2?


What is the factored form of y equals 3x plus 21x squared?

y = 3x + 21x2 = 3x(1 + 7x)

What is the derivative of 7X cubed over 5?

21 X squared over 5

How do you factor 7x squared plus 66x plus 27?

It is (7x+3)(x+9) when factored

What is 5x squared minus 7x plus 2 equals 0?

If you mean 5x^2 -7x +2 = 0 then it is a quadratic equation with solutions of x = 2/5 or x = 1

What is the trinomial 5x squared plus 7x plus 2?

5x2+ 7x + 2 = (x + 1)(5x + 2).

5x squared plus 7x equals 12?

5x2+7x = 12 5x2+7x-12 = 0 (5x+12)(x-1) = 0 x = -12/5 or x = 1

How do you factor 49x squared minus 84x plus 36?

49x2 - 84x + 36 = (7x - 6)(7x - 6) or (7x - 6)2

What part of a group of equations is 49x squared plus 84x plus 36?

It is a quadratic expression and it is (7x+6)(7x+6) when factored

7x squared plus x minus 8 divided by x minus 1?

7x + 8

How do you factorise x squared plus 7x?

x2+7x x(x+7)

What is the factor of 30x squared plus 35x squared y plus 40?

5(7x^2y + 6x^2 + 8)

How do you simplify 6 x squared minus 2x plus 5 plus 2 x squared minus 7x - 11?


What is 5x plus 7x?

12x and then the squared. (the little two)

How do you factor 12x squared -7x -12?

It is: 12x2-7x-12 equals (4x+3)(3x-4) when factored

How do solve 7x plus y equals 8 in y equals mx plus b form?

7x + y = 8 Subtract 7x from each side of the equation: y = -7x + 8

How would you factor 2x squared plus 7x plus 6?

You would factor 2x2 + 7x + 6 into (2x + 3) (x+2)

How do you completely factor 21x to the 4th power -14x cubed plus 35x squared plus 7x?

7x(3x3 - 2x2 + 5x + 1)