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Yes, the derivative of xi with respect to x equals i. Is that what you were trying to ask?

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Q: What is the derivative of xi equals i?
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What is the derivative of 10x at x equals?

The derivative of 10x is 10. This is irrespective of the value of x.

Does IX equal 11?

No, it equals 9, but XI equals 11.

Derivative of x equals 5x plus 5x?

x = 10x, so derivative = 10

How is 11 written in roman?

XI= 11 because X equals 10 and I equals 1. So take X+I (10+1) and get XI (11)

Move you stick to make each Roman Numerals equation true- V plus IV equals XI?

V plus VI Equals XI OR V Plus IV Equals IX

When does cos x equal -sin x?

The derivative of cos(x) equals -sin(x); therefore, the anti-derivative of -sin(x) equals cos(x).

How do you find the mean of x over y equals a over b?

Find the derivative of Y and then divide that by the derivative of A

What is the double prime of 5x?

The "double prime", or second derivative of y = 5x, equals zero. The first derivative is 5, a constant. Since the derivative of any constant is zero, the derivative of 5 is zero.

What is the derivative of 40xy where x equals 2 and y equals 2?

- the derivative with respect to x is 40y - The derivative with respect to Y is 40xSo, since both x and y equal 2, both derivatives yield 40*2 = 80

What is the derivative of x2 plus 6 divided by 2?

Following the correct order of operations: derivative of x^2 + 6/2 = derivative of x^2 +3, which equals 2x

What is the derivative of y equals xln x?

(xlnx)' = lnx + 1

Why was the calculus student confused about y equals ex and the derivative of y equals ex?

Because the derivative of e^x is e^x (the original function back again). This is the only function that has this behavior.