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Mountains in southeastern Algeria

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Q: What is the diameter of the world's largest football?
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Is there the worlds largest paper football?


What is the worlds largest and the smelliest flower?

refleshia is the worlds biggest and smelliest flower in the world the diameter of this flower is one meter

Worlds largest football stadium?

Estadio Azteca, Mexico City, Mexico - 105,000

What is the worlds largest pancake?

The worlds biggest pancake was made in 1994 in Rochdale, England. It weighed three tons and measured 15 meters in diameter.

What Things that are 36 meters long?

the diameter of the worlds largest tree is approx. 36 meters.

Worlds largest paid football club?

Most likely Real Madrid or AC milan.

What toppings did the largest pizza in the world have?

The worlds largest pizza measured 131-feet in diameter, and weighed over 51,000 pounds. It had lettuce and cheese for toppings.

How big is the worlds largest cookie?

487.15 square metres in area 24.9 metres in diameter 2.5 centimetres thick

What is the worlds largest tiger?

The Siberian tiger is the worlds largest tiger

The worlds largest animal?

Worlds largest animal: Blue Whale

Who has the worlds largest foot?

Fanny Mills has the worlds largest feet

Worlds largest beetle?

the worlds largest beetle is the titanus giganteus

What is the worlds largest thunderstorm?

The worlds largest thunderstorm was the Venezuelan thunderstorm.

What is Worlds largest producer of nickel?

worlds largest producer of nickel

How big was the worlds largest wasp nest?

I found a nest nest approx. 1 foot in diameter in North Texas at my mothers house!largest one I've seen..

What is The worlds largest and smelliest flower?

largest flower in world is Rafflesia armondi the diameter of this flower is one and a half meter long smallest flower in world is Woiffia microscopica

Is the worlds largest reflecting telescope one meter in diameter?

No, as of this time and to my best knowledge the largest single piece reflecting telescope is the Japanese reflector in Hawaii called the Subaru.

Which shark is the worlds largest shark?

The whale shark is the worlds largest shark at about 75,000 pounds and is about 65 feet it is the worlds largest shark!

Worlds largest swamp?

the worlds largest swamp is the Sudd thx for asking

Where is the worlds largest tree?

The worlds largest tree is located in northen California.

Where is the Worlds largest rail network?

USA has the worlds largest rail network.

What is the worlds largest bony fish?

The worlds largest bony fish is the Actinoptergyii.

What is the circumference of football?

That depends on the football's diameter because pi*diameter = circumference

What objective lens in compound microscope has the largest diameter?

high objective lens has the largest diameter high objective lens has the largest diameter

How big is the worlds biggest cookie?

The world's largest cookie was over 100 feet in diameter and contained 6,000 pounds of chocolate chips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)