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2 centimeters is just 2 centimeters, and 2 centimeters squared is 4 centimeters.

2 centimeters x 2 centimeters = 4 centimeters

squared = times 2

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Q: What is the difference between 2 centimeters and 2 centimeters squared?
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Convert cm squared to m squared?

Since squared centimeters is cm^2 then instead of converting it normally from centimeters to meters you would multiply it by 2.

Is 2 square centimeters the same as 2 centimeters squared in maths?

Yes, they are the same

How do you find out how many centimeters are in 1 cm squared?

take 1cm times 1cm ------------------ Keep in mind that distance is measured in "centimeters" and area in "centimeters squared" or "square centimeters". Thus, a line 2 centimeters long is 2 centimeters, but an square 2 centimeters on each side is 4 square centimeters (2 cm times 2 cm equals 4 cm2).

What is the area of a 5 centimeters x 2 centimeters rectangle?

10 cm squared

How do you write square centimeters?

example: 16 square centimeters: 162 cm 16 centimeters squared: 16 cm 2

How many millimetres squared in a meters squared?

There are 1000 millimetres in a metre. When it comes to area, the difference between units gets squared as do the units. i.e. 1000^2 is 1,000,000. Therefore there are 1 million mm^2 in a metre squared.

Is 150 millimeters squared greater or less than 2 centimeters square?

150 millimeters squared is more.

What is the difference between 1000 centimeters squared and 1000 centimeters?

1000 x 1000 = 1,000,000cm2 (1 million) less 1000 gives a difference of 999000 * * * * * I disagree. 1000 cm2 or (1000 cm)2 is a measure of an area in 2 dimensional space whereas 1000 cm is a measure of length. According to basic principles of dimensional analysis, conversion from one to the other is not valid.

What is the difference between 78 and 7 squared?

78 - 72 = 29

Is square centimeters the same as centimeters squared in maths?

Yes its the same just 2 different ways of saying it!

What is 1cm squared in millimetres squared?

There are 10mm in a cm. However, when talking about the area, the units are squared, and so too is the difference between cm and mm. 10x10 is 100, which is the conversion factor. 1cm^2 is 100mm^2.

Is volume squared?

No, volume is cubed. Area is squared, for example, 2cm^2 Volume would be in cubic centimeters, meters, etc.