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CD is a red-book digital audio storage standard and VHS is an analog video storage standard. CDs record data digitaly on a disk read with a lazer, whereas VHS tapes are analog and are read with an electromagnetic pickup.

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Q: What is the difference between CDs and VHS?
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Is there a difference between a vcr and a vhs player?

Not really. VCR stands for 'video cassette recorder' and VHS is type of videocassette tape that can be played in a VCR.

What is all the difference between a CD and DVD?

CDs are for music while DVDs are for movies

What is original video animation difference between anime?

An OVA is an anime that was not originally aired on tv, and was on DVD (or VHS).

What is the difference between VHS and DVD?

VHS (Video Home System) uses magnetic tape in a cassette. DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) uses discs which are read by a laser light.

This may be dumb but what is the difference between CD's?

Some CDs have music, some have games, and some have pictures.

What is the difference between a super VHS tape and a VHS tape?

Super VHS was an 'improved' version of VHS. The picture was much better. But, while you could play a VHS on a Super machine, you could NOT play a Super tape on a regular VHS machine. It never matched the mainstream success of regular VHS. ************ Most standard VHS VCR's made since 1995 can *play* S-VHS tapes but the resolution is reduced to that of standard VHS. It's called SQPB for Super-VHS Quasi-Playback. S-VHS VCRs have the S-VHS logo and a mini DIN 4 video output port and one for input. AFAIK all S-VHS VCRs also support linear stereo and Hi-Fi stereo recording and playback. Playing a standard VHS tape on an S-VHS VCR, using the S-Video out, will get you the best possible playback quality from the standard tape, but it will still be less than S-VHS.

What is the difference between a blu ray drive and a cd drive?

There are some distinctive differences between a blu ray drive and a cd drive although they are both examples of optical media. I think a blu ray drive can read cds and dvds as well as blu ray cds while a cd drive only reads cds.

What is the difference between CD CD r and CD rw drive?

A CD drive just reads CDs. A CD-R drive can read CDs and write once to blank CD-Rs. A CD-RW drive can do all of the above, and can use ReWritable CDs that can be formatted or rewritten.

What are the merits of VHS tape?

Compared to what? The only real advantage that VHS tape had as compared to something like CDs or DVDs was length. You could buy tapes that would run for 10 hours without being changed. But today, you would be hard pressed to buy even a standard-length (6-hour) VHS tape.

Can you play VHS movies on a VHS Camera?

Yes you may play each copyrighted VHS tapes on a VHS Cameras and you may be allowed considering to play VHS movies on a VHS camcorder

What is the difference between a portable cd player and a portable dvd player?

A portable cd player will only play cds. A portable dvd player will play dvds, as well as cds. A dvd player is mostly different in that it will play movies.

Helen and James had between them 161 cds James went to a party and lost 5 his cds which meant that Helen now had exactly twice as many as James how many CDs does each have now?

James has 52 cds and Helen has 104 cds.

What is a S-VHS vcr?

S-VHS is super vhs a higher quality of the VHS format. It is a resolution of 560×480.

What country does Dstore operate in?

Dstore is the largest online department store in Australia. Established in 1999, they originally sold VHS movies, video console games and music CDs. They have since expanded and now carry clothing, CDs, DVDs, jewelry, toys, books and more.

What is SVHS?

S-VHS (Super VHS) is an improved version of the VHS standard.

What is an S-VHS input?

The S-VHS input location will vary depending on the device. The term S-VHS stands for super VHS because it is an improved version of the typical VHS system.

Where can one find a comparison between DVDs and CDs?

Both the DVD and Video CD are capable of storing digital video. The major difference between the two is the quality and length of the digital video that they store.

Why was the DVD invented?

Same reason CDs were invented. They last A LOT longer, can jump to any scene, and they never degrade in quality as VHS tapes degrade in quality over time.

What is the difference between CDs DVDs and Blu-ray discs?

CDs, DVDs and BluRay discs all work in similar ways. The primary difference is the data density on each disc. CD is the lowest density. A DVD can store several times the amount of data on the same surface area and BluRay will store several time the amount of a DVD.

What is the Difference between a CD and DVD when burning pictures?

on itunes u can only burn CDs onto ur i-pod, u can't do it with movies and movies take up more space for sure. and CDs hold music and DVDs hold movies obviously

Why are there no DVD recorder VCR combos with a tuner available?

what is the difference between a vcr & dvd combo with out tuner & one with. as far as recording a show on a vhs tape?

What is the difference between a negotiable certificate of deposit and a non-negotiable certificate of deposit?

A negotiable CD is a transferable CD. This means unlike traditional non-negotiable CDs, it can be sold in the secondary markets to other investors. The investment amount on negotiable CDs is also substantially larger than non-negotiable CDs. It is mainly targeted at institutional investors and companies.

Can you record a VHS-c tape in a VHS adapter in a VHS camcorder?

Yes, using a VHS-C adapter will allow you to record and play VHS-C tapes in a VHS machine. The adapter simply changes the casing format. The actual tape is the same. I'm not sure why you would want to, though. VHS tapes are cheaper and the tapes are longer.

How much data will fit on a VHS Tape?

How much data will fit on a VHS tape depends upon the speed of the tape. Storage amounts vary between 25 and 50 GB.

What happens if the VHS part of a VHS/DVD combo unit breaks?

If the VHS portion of a VHS/DVD unit breaks the DVD portion will still work. It should not be much of an issue depending on how often the VHS is used.