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Well, Algebra IS Math, it's just a different part of math. For example, addition and subtraction are math, but they're differents parts of math.

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Q: What is the difference between Math and Algebra?
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What is the difference between Math7 and Pre-Algebra in 7 grade?

algebra and math are two completly different things there is a lot of differences

What is the difference between algebra 1 and algebra connections?

Algebra Connections is sort of an introductory course to the world of algebra. This course is taken if they are known to struggle with math. Algebra 1 is just the next course up.

What is the difference between intermidiate algebra and advanced algebra?

intermediate algebra is like medium difficulty. advanced algebra is harder for some people. that comes down to opinion... but advanced algebra teaches a more difficult or higher level math. its kind of like learning high school math in middle school, or college math in high school.

What kind of sequence is the difference between every pair of consecutive terms in the sequence is the same?

in math ,algebra, arithmetic

What type of math is higher between algebra 1 or geometry?

it goes algebra 1, geometry, then algebra 2

What is the difference between algebra one and algebra two?

A harder version of algebra 1

What is the difference between mathematics and algebra?

Algebra is a form (or subset) of mathematics.

What is the difference between integrated algebra and algebra 1?

Algebra 1 is a class/course that is on a higher level than Algebra.

What is the difference between simple algebra from advanced algebra?

advanced algebra is hard simple algabra is easy

Is there is any difference between -algebra and operator algebra?

Only the word "operator"

What is difference between algebra and advanced algebra?

Adv. is accelerated most likely.

What is the difference between algebra 1a and algebra 1b?

algebra 1a is the first part of algebra 1 and algebra 1b is the second part. :)

What is the difference between algebra 1 and alebra 2?

algebra 2 is more advanced

What is the difference between Elementary algebra and Pre Algebra?

The difference is just the grade level. Elementary algebra is more of 4th 5th and maybe 6th. Pre algebra is more 6th 7th and possibly 8th.

What is the difference between intensive algebra and algebra 1?

The difference of algebra and algebra 1 is that in algebra they teach you the basics. For example, they teach you about variables, graphs, how to find slopes. In algebra 1 they start using equations and and teach you how to work longer equations and all that jazz.

What is the difference between algebra 2 and algebra 3?

There's no such thing as Algebra 3Edit: Yes there is. It is a college level course and when it is offered in high school it's called Algebra Three. The difference is that Algebra 3 is more in depth than Algebra Two is.

What are the levels of math?

elementary math, math 6, intro-pre algebra, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, algebra II, uh... sorry, can't help with this one, trig, calculus, i think calculus 2, then discrete math. I may not be right, but close enough

What is the difference between Algebra 2 and Integrated Algebra 2?

there is no such thing as Integrated Algebra 2 but they represent the same concept

What is the difference between pre-algebra and beginning algebra?

I don't really think there is a difference, but maybe the difference is that in pre-algebra you learn and practice the basic foudations, like the different steps to solve an equation, and what is a equation, and stuff like that. Begining algebra is where you practice actually solving the easier types of algebra equations.

Is Algebra II similar to Algebra I?

Math is taught like this: Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Trigonometry. Algebra I is similar to Algebra 2, but Algebra 2 has more difficult concepts, such as imaginary numbers. Added: I would have put statistics and trig in between Algebra 2 and Pre-calculus. You review trig in precalculus and statistics is the first transferable math course in college.

What math is taught in middle school?

well in my middle school you first start off with normal math and if you do well in math then you go to Algebra in 7th grade. If you don't do that well in math you go to pre-algebra. Then if you went to pre-algebra you go to Algebra in 8th grade. If you went to Algebra in 7th grade you do Geometry in 8th.

What is pre- algebra?

its math class its also the second highest math class the highest is Algebra 1!

What is the difference between math and science?

Math is a type of science.

What is the difference between language arts and math?

The difference between language arts and math is that language arts is where you learn writing and math is where you learn ........well......math. For example, 2 + 3 =5.

What is the difference between math and mathematics?

As far as I know, there is no difference. "Math" is just short for "Mathematics".

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