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it goes algebra 1, geometry, then algebra 2

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2011-08-27 21:14:20
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Q: What type of math is higher between algebra 1 or geometry?
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Is algebra related to geometry?

Algebra and Geometry are not related to each other directly, however in higher levels of math (Trigonometry and Calculus) you will use both very frequently

What is conceptual math?

Math that requires you to visualize higher dimensional graphs. It is often less algebra and more pictures of geometry.

What math class comes after algebra?


What is after Algebra 1?

usually geometry or algebra II there is another math after Algebra besides Geometry. its called Applied Geometry. the only reason to be in that class is by getting a D.

What is dam stand for in math?

Discrete Algebra and Geometry.

What is a tayp of math?

Types of math include algebra, geometry, calculus, and trigonometry

What is the next level of math above algebra?

the next level of math is geometry

Are math skills required for becoming a lawyer?

algebra,trigonometry,geometry,(second year algebra, semester of trigonometry, a year of geometry)

What Kind of Math Do Carpenters Use?

They use Algebra and Geometry.

What level of math should a 9th grader be in?

Algebra I or Geometry

What is the order of math classes?

Kids that are shall I say "Math Challenged" 8th-Math 8 9th-Pre-Algebra 10th-Algebra 1 11th-Geometry 12th-Algebra 2 Average Kids 8th-Math 8 Accelerated 9th-Algebra 1 10th-Geometry 11th-Algebra 2 12th-Trigonometry Honors Kids 8th-Algebra 1 9th-Geometry 10th-Algebra 2 11th-Trigonometry 12th-AP Calculus

What kind of math do they teach in high school?

algebra, pre-algebra, geometry, triginometry, calculous

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