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ND measures the number of outlets per total number of outlets from the specific market, while WD measures how much the outlet sells of the total volume.

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Q: What is the difference between Weighted distribution and Numeric distribution?
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Difference between weighted and numeric distribution?

numeric distribution is simply the number of items that have that thing divided by he total number of the sample, regardless of size or contribution.weighted distribution is the number of items that have that thing multiplied by the weight of that thing divided by the total number of the sample.example in salesif a group of 100 retailers is the sample, 70 of them are keeping a certain product and the other 30 do notthen the numeric distribution of the product in this group is 70%if all retailers have the same contribution to the sales to consumers, then the weighted distribution is 70% toobut if those 30 retailers (who do not keep have the product) contribution to the sales to consumers is 60%, then the weighted distribution of the 70 retailers having that product is only 40%

What is difference between share in shop handling and weighted distribution?

Weighted distribution is the percent of stores that a product is sold in, but weighted by the importance of the outlets, while share in stores handling is the market share of a brand/item just in the stores that stock it.

What the difference between a geometric and a numeric constraint?


Difference between round robin scheduling and Weighted round robin scheduling?

One is weighted, the other is not. Simple as.

What is the difference between numeric data and non-numeric data?

Numeric data are numbers (like age, cost, etc.), while non-numeric data are not numbers (like name, address, etc.).

What is the difference between transport and distribution?

What is the difference between transportation and distribution

What is the difference between Average method vs weighted average method?

in weighted average method we assigns the weight to the averages while in average methods we dnt do this

Difference between simple and weighted average?

In a simple average every value is worth the same, but in a weighted average, the frequency of each value is taken into consideration.

What is the difference between numeric array and associative array?

Numeric array has numbers(+integers) that represent the values Associative array has strings that represent the values

What is the difference between population distribution and sample distribution an d sampling distribution?

you can figure it out by going to google and googling it

Is there any difference between expected value and arithmetic mean?

There is. Arithmetic mean is simple average of numbers not weighted by anything. However in EV, the numbers are weighted by their probability

What is the difference between a normal distribution and the standard normal distribution?

The standard normal distribution is a normal distribution with mean 0 and variance 1.