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A fat calculator is used to estimate the percentage of a person's body that is made up of fat. This can be done roughly by using a person's height and weight, but there are more sophisticated ways as well. A calorie calculator on the other hand is used to estimate a person's daily caloric needs based on factors such as sex, age, body type and activity level.

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Q: What is the difference between a fat calculator and a calorie counter calculator?
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What is a food calorie calculator?

Well, I would recommend using the food calorie calculator from My Calorie Counter because they offer a variety of services and options. They also offer their services for a fee of no charge.

What are the benefits of an online calorie calculator?

There are many benfits of an online calorie counter. When using an online calorie counter u get acces to valid informaton and accurate data. Online calorie counters also include information on many foods that is tough to find.

Where can someone find a calorie counter calculator?

There are multiple calorie counter calculators available online and as applications to a mobile device. A few mobile applications that count calories are 'Lose It' and 'My Fitness Pal.' A few online calorie calculators include the American Cancer Society's calorie counter and the WebMD Food-O-Meter.

Is there a website that has a weight lose calculator?

The recommended website is You can register with them, gaining access to their online weight calculator, Calorie Counter and calorie burn rate calculator. It's the best way to track all of your dietary stats. Great website!

What is the most accurate calorie calculator?

Any health website will have an accurate calorie counter. They have one at Mayo Clinic's website if you're looking for something with a recognizable name, but any online counter should work.

How does somebody properly count their daily calorie intake?

One can properly count his or her daily calorie intake by using a calorie calculator at Free Dieting online, A Calorie Counter, Live Strong, and Spark People, all online as well.

How many calories and fat in an avocado?

I don't count Avocado as calories, because my calculator doesn't tell me to do so. Do you want to use ac calorie counter? I use this calorie calculator i found in Sniply>>> (Just copy this url)

Can anyone recommend a good website with a calorie counter?

Yes, this website, WikiAnswers, is recommended. WikiAnswers has a very good Calorie Count category

Where can you find a calorie counter calculator?

There are several calorie counters available. One of the best is through Livestrong (the Lnce Armstrong foundation) which offers a calorie counter with an incredible database of foods, a weight tracker, exercise tracker and more. I have found this a very useful Ipod app, but they also offer a web site.

What is a good recipe calorie calculator?

Livestrong has a fantastic calorie counter and tracker. You can enter reicpes and it will calculate a per serving count as well. You can also save groups of foods that you eat together often.

Where to get free calorie counter?

If you are a paying member of Weight Watchers, they have a free calorie counter. My Calorie Counter is a free site where you can track your calories and diet plan as well.

What can I find calorie counter app for IOS?

You can find a calorie counter for you iPad here

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