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That's kind of hard, but I would say the best way to tell would be by being passive and patient. Treat him as nice as he's treating you - no more no less. Wait until he makes it clear whether he is interested in you as something more then friends, or simply being nice. Of course, if he asks you for your number or out on a date, then you'll know for sure. So, to let him know that you might be interested in him, treat him the same way he treats you. The difference between a nice guy and an interested guy can be very difficult to decipher, since he's probably not giving up any big signs if he is interested (or maybe you're missing them, you might want to search for some guy flirting signs). To tell if he's interested, then you may need to look for some subtle signs. For example, you may 'feel' like he's looking at you, but you don't catch him, or you may see him taking a glance at you and then looking away (especially if you look at him). He may "coincidentally" show up where you are, or he may try to do something little to catch your attention. If he touches you, or if he blushes around you, then it's pretty likely he's interested. Basically, look for anything out of the ordinary - something that a guy who isn't interested probably wouldn't do.

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Q: What is the difference between a nice and an interested guy?
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How do you show a guy that you r interested in him?

u can show a guy u r interested in him by asking him out or just being nice to him and helping him out.You can also smile and talk to him alot

How do you know the right guy is for you?

Once you start dating, and the guy seems really interested and nice and funny to you, then you'll know ;)

What do you do when you are new to school and a really nice guy asks you out but you want to keep your options open?

if you're new, and a nice guy is interested i say there is no reason to keep ur optionsopen. go for it!

What does a guy mean when he says nice talking to you?

Always the same thing. Anytime a guy acts interested in a woman, he wants to get her in bed.

If a guy isn't interested would he take your phone number?

to be nice so you dont feel upset

What does it mean when a guy says i dont see we have that much in common?

It means that he isn't interested but is trying to be nice about it.

What is the difference between a man and a guy?


Is it wrong to lead on a guy if you are not sure if you even like him?

Absolutely. Leading on guys who you are not interested in can lead to frustration, and possibly rape. Also, it's not very nice. How would you like it if a guy you were interested in pretended to like you, and then shot you down after leading you on?

What should you do when a guy really likes you but you like someone else?

It would usually be best to tell the guy that likes you sorry but I am not interested. Say it in a nice way and you should be alright.

How do you choose between the sweet caring guy or the smart ass jerk guy who's nice to you?

Follow your heart :]

Why do the nice caring loving guys always say there are better guys then you out there or you deserve better?

It is a nice way of saying they are not interested. I'm sorry but that's the truth. Find the better guy.

What is the difference between guys and girls?

A guy has a penis.

If a guy flirts with only you does he like you?

Well.....if he is flirting with only you, then maybe he likes you. Try to talk too him. Let him know that you are interested in him. :) But is a very thin line between flirting, and just being a nice guy.

What if you're 16 and you like a guy who's 19 and he might be interested in you?

Act on it if your interested in him ony 3 years difference but a guy that age will probably ant sex so if your not ready for something like that i wouldn't do it...

How do you know when a guy is not interested in you?

You can tell if a guy is not interested in you if he tells you or gives you odd looks.

How to get a guy you like interested in you?

The best way to get a guy interested in you is to always be yourself around him.

How can you tell if a guy is just teasing you?

If he is just teasing you he will seem more standoffish towards you and not so nice besides just the teasing but if he treats you nice in general as well as teases you he is likely interested.

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What is the difference between a guy who doesn't like you and a guy who hides that they like you?

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