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Curved surface area includes the area of the length of the cylinder only whereas surface area includes the two bases as well...

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Q: What is the difference between area of curved surface of cylinder and surface area of cylinder?
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How many curved surface does a cylinder has?

A cylinder has 2 equal parallel flat surface circular bases and a curved surface body.

Does s cylinder have a curved surface?

An s cylinder is a part of a car engine. The cylinder is curved metal that is in fact in a curved surface at is a circle. There are different shapes but a standard s cylinder is circular.

What is the area of the curved surface of a cylinder?

The curved surface are is: pi*diameter*height

Which one of the following geometric forms is a curved surface?

A sphere has a total curved surface. A cylinder and a cone have a partial curved surface

Does a cylinder have a curved and flat surface?

Yes, a cylinder has both curved and flat surface. Considering a solid cylinder standing on its end, the circular base and the circular top are flat surfaces. The surface connecting the top and bottom is curved.

The area of the curved surface of a cylinder is called the?

It called the curved surface area. There is no special name for it.

The area of the curved surface of a cylinder is called?

It called the curved surface area. There is no special name for it.

Which solid has two flat surface and a curved surface?

It is a cylinder

What is the curved surface of a graduated cylinder?

A maniacs

What is in a cylinder the curved surface connecting the circular bases in a cone the curved surface that is not a base?

It's a rectangle.

How many curved surface a cylinder have?

A cylinder has two circular faces.

How many curved surfaces on a cylinder?

There is 1 curved surface on a sphere