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It is a cylinder

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Q: Which solid has two flat surface and a curved surface?
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What solid figure has two flat faces and a curved surface?

Soda can or cylinder

What solid has two flat circle bases and a curved surface?

It is a cylinder which looks like a tin can.

How many flat surface does cone have?

An empty cone (like an ice-cream cone) doesn't have any flat surfaces. It has two curved surfaces, one outside and one inside. A solid cone has a flat base, and one other curved surface.

What shape has one curved surface and two flat surfaces?

A Cylinder

How many curved surface does a sphere have?

One if it is solid, two if it is hollow

How many curved surface a sphere have?

One if it is solid, two if it is hollow

What is a figure that has two circular bases and one curved surface?

Cylinder - a solid figure formed by two congruent parallel circles joined by a curved surface.

What are faces and edges and vertices?

A face, of a solid object, is a flat surface. If it is curved it is called a curved surface though sometimes it is also referred to as a face. Two faces meet at an edge, which is a line which may be straight or curved. Three or more faces meet at a point which is a vertex.

What is a solid that has one curved face and two flat circular faces of equal size?

A cylinder.

What is a solid bounded by a curved lateral surface and two circular bases?

it's a cylinder

What is a geometric solid that hs two surfaces one is fomed by a circle and curved?

That sounds like a cone. One surface is a circle and the other surface is curved.

Has a cylinder got any edges?

Yes, two. Where the curved surface meets the flat ends.

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