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There is no difference between "half million" and "half a million." They both mean the same thing, five hundred thousand (500 000)

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Q: What is the difference between half million and half a million?
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Difference between half million and half a million?

They are the same, 500,000, 500k, or half ofa million.

What is the percent difference between 39000000.00 and 22000000.00?

% difference between 39 million and 22 million

What is the difference between 2.8 million and 220000?

Their difference is 2.58 million.

What is the percentage difference between 60 million and 75 million?

It is a 22.2222% difference.

Difference between buttermilk and half and half?

The main difference will be in fat content and taste.

What is the difference between 75 million and 6.8 billion?

6.8 billion is 902/3 times as much as 75 million. The difference between them is 6,725 million.

What is half way between three quarters of a million and a million?


What is halfway between half a million and three quarters of a million?

It is: 625,000

What is the difference between 1.349 million and 6.3551 million?

6.3551 - 1.349 = 5.0061 million.

What is the Difference between 1.1 billion and 781 million?

319 million

Numerically what is the difference between one hundred thousand and 1 million?

The difference between one hundred thousand and one million is one in ten, or 0.1.

What is the difference between 230 million and 60 million?

170 million. (60 + 170 = 230)

What is the difference between the number of minutes in an hour and a half and the number of seconds in a minute and a half?

there isn't a difference

Difference between variable resistor and rheostat?

The difference between a variable resistor and a rheostat is the same as the difference between six and half a dozen.

What is the difference between half pipe snowboarding and regular snowboarding?

there is no difference, half pipe snowboarding is just regualr snowboarding on a half pipe

What is the difference between a gibbous moon and a crescent moon?

Crescent is half way between half moon and new moon. Gibbous is half way between the full moon and half moon.

What is the weather difference between Earth and Mars?

it is a 7 million temperature difference

What is the difference between half and half and milk?

Half and half is part cream , part milk and milk is milk.

Is there any difference between million tons and million metric tons?

No there is no difference. Metric ton is often spelled as tonne.

What is half of three million?

Half of 3 million is 1 and a half million

What is difference between a half hour and half an hour?

40 minutes is what hour

What is the difference between cut in half and cut into halves?

There is not much or a difference, though cutting into, "Halves" means cutting something in half, then cutting it in half again.

What is the difference between 795 and 70 million?


What is halfway between three quaters of a million and a million?

875000 half way number = (¾ million + 1 million)/2 = ((¾ + 1)/2) million = ⅞ million

Is there a difference between Oakley half x and half jacket ear socks?

Yes, there is a difference. Half jackets have their own ear socks. Half X are the same socks as juliets.