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i don't know what is the difference between msgbox and inputbox function because i want to know the difference between them but i didn't got answer what is this foolishness stupid


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Q: What is the difference between msgbox and inputbox functions?
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What is the difference between message box and input box give example for each of them?

we can use msgbox for display the message and getting input from user like vbyes/no method.. but inputbox only for input.. and for msgbox we can't set the x,y margin.. but in the input box we can set.. we can use inputbox as a variable value taker..............

What is primary purpose of text box in vb?

To display information. There is something called a msgbox as well as a inputbox. Msgbox displays information. Inputbox allows the user to input data which has a certain value.

How do you find greatest number among three with

Dim a, b, c As Integer a = InputBox("enter 1st no.") b = InputBox("enter 2nd no.") c = InputBox("enter 3rd no.") If a > b Then If a > c Then MsgBox("A is Greater") Else MsgBox("C is greater") End If Else If b > c Then MsgBox("B is Greater") Else MsgBox("C is Greater") End If End If End Sub

How do you find the greatest of three number using vbscript?

option explicit Dim vnum1,vnum2,vnum3 vnum1=cint(inputbox("enter the first number")) vnum2=cint(inputbox("enter the second number")) vnum3=cint(inputbox("enter the third number")) if (vnum1>vnum2 AND vnum1>vnum3) then msgbox vnum1 &" is greater" else if (vnum2>vnum1 AND vnum2>vnum3) then msgbox vnum2 &" is greater" else if vnum3>vnum2 AND vnum3>vnum1 then msgbox vnum3 &" is greater" else msgbox "They all equal" end if

How do you find the greatest of three numbers using vb script?

dim a,b,c a=cint(inputbox("enter value for a")) b=cint(inputbox("enter value for b")) c=cint(inputbox("enter value for c")) if((a>b)and(a>c)) then msgbox "greatest number is a="&a else if ((b>a)and(b>c)) then msgbox "greatest number is b="&b else msgbox "greatest number is c="&c end if end if

What is a code for a spambot?

lol=msgbox("would you like to delete all documents",7,"WARNING") set shell = createobject ("") strtext = inputbox ("Write down your message you like your spambot to say") strtimes = inputbox ("How many times would you like to spam your victim?") strspeed = inputbox ("How fast do you like to spam? (10-1scd etc)") strtimeneed = inputbox ("How many SECONDS do you need to get ready for the spam?") If not isnumeric (strtimes & strspeed & strtimeneed) then msgbox "haha unlucky" wscript.quit End If strtimeneed2 = strtimeneed * 10 do msgbox "You have " & strtimeneed & " 20 seconds befor your documents get deleted sorry bye." wscript.sleep strtimeneed2 shell.sendkeys ("documents getting deleted now" & "{enter}") for i=0 to strtimes shell.sendkeys (strtext & "{enter}") wscript.sleep strspeed Next shell.sendkeys ("spambot deactivated" & "{enter}") wscript.sleep strspeed * strtimes / 10 returnvalue=MsgBox ("Want to spam again with the same info?",36) If returnvalue=6 Then Msgbox "Ok spambot will activate again" End If If returnvalue=7 Then msgbox "spambot is shutting down" wscript.quit End IF loop enter this on notepad and save as a (.vbs) file and have fun

How do find factorial using vbscript?

<html> <script language="vbscript"> n=cint(inputbox("Enter a number")) dim f f=1 if n<0 then Msgbox "Invalid number" elseif n=0 or n=1 then MsgBox "The factorial of given number "&n&" is :"&f else for i=n to 2 step -1 f=f*i next MsgBox "The factorial of given number "&n&" is :"&f end if </script> </html>

Code for linear search in vb?

Private Sub search_Click() On Error GoTo donothing a = InputBox("enter the name") s1 = ("name='" & Trim(a) & "'") rs.Findfirst (s1) If .nomatch Then MsgBox "record not found" Else MsgBox "record found" Text1.Text = rs(0) Text2.Text = rs(1) Text3.Text = rs(2) Text4.Text = rs(3) End If Exit Sub donothing: MsgBox "error description" End Sub

How do you make a save button for a txt file in visual basic?

Go to your button and double click it to go to the code then add thisDim NameOfFile as StringNameOfFile = InputBox("Enter the Name of The File", "")Dim objWriter As New System.IO.StreamWriter("C:/" & NameOfFile.ToString & ".txt")Msgbox("COMPLEATE")

How do you make a chatter-bot with notepad?

Im Not Sure Exactly What You Mean By Chatter-bot, But i Do Know How To Make A Spammer In Notepad. Here's The Code: set shell = createobject("") strtext = inputbox("What would you like the message you would like to spam be") strtimes = inputbox("How many times would you like to spam the message?") if not isnumeric(strtimes) then lol=msgbox("Please write a NUMBER nextime") wscript.quit end if msgbox "After you click ok you will have 10 seconds until it will spam" wscript.sleep(10000) for i=1 to strtimes shell.sendkeys(strtext & "") Shell.SendKeys "{5}" wscript.sleep(5000) next Save It As .vbs On All Files And Then Run!

Is it possible in a vbs input box so that if the correct word is entered it will open up a different program?

many ways to answer such an open ended question, but yes, you simply have to provide the logic and paths to take based on the inputbox strMessage=inputbox("Please type in the magic word") if strMessage="Word" then set wshShell=CreateObject("") "winword.exe" else msgbox "Sorry, wrong word" end if set wshShell=nothing

How do you write a vbscript for converting alphanumeric to numeric?

num = InputBox("Enter a number: ","PROGRAM: Square") sumSquare = CInt(num) * CInt(num) MsgBox("The square of " & num & " = " & sumSquare) ===== *NOTE*: The function CInt() is what we use to convert a text string to become a numeric integer value.