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Positive correlation has a positive slope and negative correlation has a negative slope.

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Q: What is the difference between positve and negative correlation?
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Related questions

What does a positve times a negative equal?

The answer will be negative.

What is a positive and negative ion?

it is a negative and positve ion sweg

What are facts about positve and negative numbers?

If you combine them carefully, you have nothing.

Can you take away a negative number from positive number?

yes if u take a negative from a positve you will get a negative

Is a neutron electrically neutral?

Yes it carries no positve or negative charge.

Why is that negative number multiplied by a positive number a negative number?

Because that is the rule. negative * negative=positve positive *negative=negative and vice versa

What is the product of -a and -b?

Negative times negative equals positve, so -a*-b=ab (positive ab)

Why is -1 X -1 equals plus 1?

Any time that a negative number is being multipled by another negative number, it equals a positive number. In this case, -1 multiplied by -1 equals 1. Another example of this is -5 multiplied by -5 which equals 25. Though if you multiply a negative by a positve, it equals a negative. If you were to multiply a positive by a positve, it will always equal a positve.

Do electrons carry a positve charge?

No, each electron has a single negative (-) charge.

What are atoms with either a positve or negative charge called?

Ions, the positive ones are called cations and the negative are called Anions. :)

A positive number minus a negative number is?

If negative value>positive value then result is -ve If positve value>negative value then result is +ve

A molecule having slightly negative and positve ends with regard to change?

This is a water molecule.

What is an ionosphere and its function?

positve or negative electricaly charged ions that protect us from the suns radiation

What was the mood and tone of Percy Jackson and the lightning thief?

scared at times but mostly positve not negative.

What is a negative or positive charged atom called?

positve charged atom is called a proton. negative charged atom is called a electron.

What are positive and negative slopes?

Positve slopes increase on the chart and negative decreases. Positive increase from 0 to the top right corner of the chart.

Is wienbridge oscillator use both positive and negative feed back?

it uses positve feed back

Is a negative plus a negative a positve?

no, a negative plus another negative is still a negative outcome.-2+(-2)=-4You are thinking of a negative TIMES a negative is always a positive.negative vivianne xD att. Katy Irias P. :)

What is a negative multiplied by a negative?

negative*negative=positive negative/positive=negative negative\negative=positve negative-positive=change the sign to a plus and then change the number after the sign and get your answer negative +positive=which ever numbr is bigger minus positive+positive=positive

Is the nucleus positve or negative?

The nucleus of an atom has a positive charge. This is due to the charge of the protons, which also have a positive charge.

When you multiply a positve number by a negative number what is the sign of the answer?

negative. When you multiply, if there are an odd number of negative signs, the answer is negative. If there are an even number of negative signs, the answer is positive. Or another way to think of this is that two negative signs cancel each other out when multiplying.

What animals have a positve o positve blood type?

no they cant have blood types

How far is it between London and Wolverhampton?

About 110 miles, i think. I'm not hundred percent positve.

What kind of real world integer problem can you do?

you could use golf. under par is negative and over par is positve. ( here are some problems you could worf with: negative 33/negative 11=3 and negative 8 plus ( negative 9)= 17

Does a positive number minus a negative number equal a positve number?

Well, a positive number minus a greater positive number equals a negative number. But it's impossible for a negative number to be subtracted from any number.