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About 20hp.

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Q: What is the difference between the 3800 series 2 and 3800 series 3 gm engine?
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What is the difference between the 3800 series II engine and the 3800 Series III engine?

About 20hp.

Will after-market high ratio rockers made for a 3800 series II fit on 91 park ave ultra with the 3800?

yes all engine block components are compatible between 3800 series I and series II, the only difference between engines is the metal composition of the block, and a new design of stock piston.

Where is the power steering reservoir on 3800 series 2 engine?

its between the fire wall and the engine. down about 12 inches

What is the difference between 5400 and 3800?


Are all 2002 Grand Prix GTPs supercharged?

All 1997-and-up GTP's come from the factory with a 3800 supercharged engine. For 1997-2003 it was the 3800 Series II, and 2004-and-up it is the 3800 Series III.

How many horse power does a 1997 Pontiac Bonneville 3.8 liter V6 have?

203 The 3800 Series II engine is rated at 205 H.P. The 3800 Series II Supercharged engine is rated at 240 H.P.

What type of gas goes into 2004 Pontiac grand prix gt a v6 3800 series III engine?

What type of gas goes into 2004 pontiac grand prix gt a v6 3800 series III engine?

Will a 3800 Buick Series II engine fit a Camaro 1995 with the 3800 Series II engine?

i would imagine it could, but not without alot of work, the Buick engine is fwd while the camaro is rwd, you would need a whole different transmission at the least.

Weight of a Mercedes?

E series about 3600 -3800 lbs depending on sedan engine and wagon and engine size

What type of engine does a 2002 impala have?

6 cylinder motor it is the 3400 or 3800 series engine both are v6

What is the horsepower rating on a 93 3800 series engine in a transport?

Net 165HP@4300RPM

What is the oil capacity for a international 3800 series bus t444e engine?

it should be 18qts

What size engine 1993 buick Le Sabre?

3.8liter, 3800 series 1

Will a 2000 Chevy 3800 Series II engine bolt in to a 1998 Camaro that had a 3800 Series II engine?

Yes, you just have to change a few things like your mounts and pulleys if the engine came out a fwd just exchange with your original mounts and pulleys and it should work.

Dexcool and a Chevrolet 3800 V6?

What was the situation with DexCool and the Chevrolet 3800 series II engine and how do i get the replacement intake manifold from Auto-zone and what is the part #

Can you supercharge the 3800 series II engine?

Theoretically, you could put the supercharger setup from a factory supercharged 3800 series 2 engine but it would be a lot of work and you would have to do a lot with wiring. The Buick Park Avenue, Pontiac Bonneville SSEI and the Olds 88 LSS will have that engine.

What does the side mark 3800 SE stand for on the Pontiac Grand Prix?

"3800" indicates that the car has the 3800 Series II V-6 engine (3.8L). The SE is the trim level which decodes as "Standard Edition." GP's without the 3800 badge are equipped with the base 3.1L V-6 engine.

Did buick make a 3800 V-6 engine without air conditioning for aregal?

By the time the 3800 series debuted, all were equipped with AC

Which years will fit a 1995 Buick 3800 engine?

years from 89-99 the 95 3800 will fit those cars will even fit into the olds royale series same engine good luck!

What type of transmission is in a 1997 camaro rs with a 3800 series ii 3.8l v6 engine?


Type of engine in a 96 firebird?

3800 series 2 3.8 liter 231 cubic inches

Where is temperature sending unit on the gm 3800 series11 engine located?

you put series 11 do you mean 1 no series 2 not a truck

Where is the low side service port on 2001 impala 3800 series V6 engine?

back side of engine toward the fire wall.

Are 02 Pontiac Bonneville ssei 3800 series II supercharged engines reliable?

The 3800 II is the battle axe of the 90s to 00s lineup. The engine is not as much well constructed as it is strongly constructed. The engine is fairly reliable, its no Honda D/B series but as far as a GM engine it is one of the more reliable engines they have made. Also considering how many models used the 3800 II, replacement parts are cheap and common.

Where is the V6 3800 motor made?

for GM's 3800 series II engine there were only 2 plants. Canada and Ohio. look at your RPO code located on your driver's side doorsill to find out.