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The abscissa is the x or horizontal coordinate.

The ordinate is the y or vertical coordinate.

I remember them because they are both alphabetical.

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Q: What is the difference between the abscissa and the ordinate in a graph?
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How do you explain abscissa and ordinate?

The vertical axis of a graph is known as the ordinate and the horizontal axis of a graph is known as the abscissa. So commonly when talking about (x,y) as a point on the graph, we refer to x value as the abscissa and y value as the ordinate.

What is the name of the pair of numbers used to locate a point on a coordinated graph?

abscissa and ordinate

What is a horizontal line of a line graph called?

abscissa is horizontal and ordinate is vertical one

What One of two or more reference lines that mark the borders of a graph?

Ordinate & abscissa

How can you tell by looking at a graph if the represntation is a function?

if a certain abscissa corresponds to more than one ordinate, then it is not a function.

When you take the slope of a distance-time graph you find?

If Distance is the ordinate(y-axis) and Time is the abscissa(x-axis) then the slope gives the speed. If Time is the ordinate(y-axis) and Distance is the abscissa(x-axis) then the slope gives the Time taken per unit of Distance

Distinguish between histogram and historigram with example?

Type your anshistorigram a term used to denote a graph of a time series with the value of the series as ordinate against time as abscissa Category: Mathematicswer here...

What are the basic elements of a graph?

x and y axis are the basic elements of graph because without them graph cannot be in existence. otherwise you may consider ordinate, abscissa, scale of graph and cartesian plane to be fundamental as well.

How can you find the unit rate on a gragh that goes through the origin?

Divide the ordinate (y-coord) of any point on the graph by its abscissa (x-coord).

In a line graph the horizontal axis is also called the?

"The x-axis or the x co-ordinate (also known as the horizontal axis of the graph or its abscissa) is the first element in a pair of co-ordinates. On the other hand, the y-axis or the y co-ordinate (also known as the vertical axis of the graph or its ordinate) is the second element in a pair of co-ordinates."

Which graph would best represent differences in size between two variables?

The answer depends on the variables. If the sizes were on a nominal scale - small, medium, large - for example, then a stacked bar with frequencies would probably be the best. Otherwise, frequency polygons or cumulative frequency charts will do.

What is the term for the x-coordinate on a graph?