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5210. - .0125 = 5209.9875

A decimal does not have to be smaller than 0 so 5210 IS a decimal.

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Q: What is the difference between the larges and smallest decimal can be form using all the digits 0125?
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Find the difference between the largest and smallest 2-digits number?

The smallest two digit number is 00 (a number used as a wire gauge) and the largest is 99, so the difference between the largest and smallest 2-digits numbers is 99 (99 - 00)

The smallest positive two digit number?

0.1 is the smallest positive number with 2 digits and a decimal point. without a decimal point the smallest is 10.

What is Difference of greatest 3 digits and smallest 3 digits?

999 - 100 = 899

What is the difference between the largest and the smallest 5 digit numbers formed by the digits 05789 using each digit only once?

The smallest number is 5,789. The largest is 98,750. The difference is 92,961.

Write the difference between the biggest and the smallest 3 digit each formed by different digits?

The answer is 885.987-102=885

What is the difference between the greatest and the smallest numbers which are divisible by 8 and are formed by using the digits 2 4 and 6 each only once?

The difference is 360.

What is the difference between binary and decimal?

Decimal has ten different digits - 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Binary only has two different digits - 0 1

When four fifthteenth sis written as a decimal what is the smallest sequence of repeating digits?

4/15 as a decimal is 0.26666 repeating

What are the numbers in the smallest group of repeating digits when 4111 is converted to a nonterminating decimal?

4111 is an integer and so there is no sensible way to convert it into a repeating decimal.

What is the difference between scientific notation and decimal number?

Scientific notation involves representing each digit in the number as a power of ten. In a decimal number, you just write the digits in order with a decimal point in the appropriate place.

What is the smallest 5 digit even number without repeating digits?

12345 but if you can use a decimal, then 0.1234 would be the smallest possible number.

What is the smallest four digit number you can make if you are allowed to put a decimal point in and if all the digits are different?