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4/15 as a decimal is 0.26666 repeating

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A sequence of 1 digit.

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Q: When four fifthteenth sis written as a decimal what is the smallest sequence of repeating digits?
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What is three and two third tons equal by lb?

7,333.3333 (Repeating decimal sequence) pounds, if you're using net/short tons. 8,213.3333 (Repeating decimal sequence) pounds, if you're using long tons. 8,083.5333 (Repeating decimal sequence) pounds, if you're using metric tons.

What is the decimal for one-seventh?

0.142857... (with the 6-digit sequence repeating forever).

What are the numbers in the smallest group of repeating digits when 4111 is converted to a nonterminating decimal?

4111 is an integer and so there is no sensible way to convert it into a repeating decimal.

What is the rational number 1 76 as a decimal?

It is 0.01315789473684210526 followed by the underlined sequence repeating.

Why do you multiplied by a power of 10 when writing a repeating decimal as a rational number?

Multiplying by ten to the power k moves the decimal point k places to the right. If the repeating sequence comprises n digits and you multiply by 10n then the decimal point is moved n places to the right and the positions of the repeating sequence relative to the decimal point is not changed. This allows you to subtract the one repeating decimal expression from the other and get a terminating decimal which can then be used as the numerator of the ratio.

Express the next term in the sequence as a decimal 0 0.5 0.6 repeating 0.75?


Is 125 a repeating decimal?

No. 125 is not repeating decimal.

What is 0.45 repeating as a decimal?

0.45 repeating is a decimal!

What is 3.66 repeating as a decimal?

3.66 repeating is a decimal.

What is .370 repeating as a decimal?

0.370 repeating is a decimal.

What is 1.21 repeating as a decimal?

1.21 repeating ... is a decimal.

What is 3.25 repeating as a decimal?

3.25 repeating ... is a decimal.

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