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Difference means you subtract

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Q: What is the difference in a math sentence?
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What is the difference between mathematical sentence and mathematical phrase?

difference between sentence and phrase in math

What does driffrence mean in math?

"Difference" is the answer in a subtraction sentence.

What is the difference between a math phrase and a math sentence?

Math sentence;1+2+3 Math phrase: If i had 1 sock and i got 2 more socks i would have 3.

What does um or difference mean in math?

"Difference" is the answer to a subtraction sentence. For example: 32 - 8 = 24. 24 would be the difference since it's the answer to the subtraction sentence.

What is the difference between a mathematical sentence and a mathematical statement?

A math sentence is converting an equation to math words. A Statement, also known as a proposition, is an assertion that is true or false but both.

What is a verbal sentence dealing with in math?

Verbal Sentence is just putting an equation into words. For Example: R=(a-b) (cubed) The sentence: The difference of a-b cubed is equal to R.

Do you capitalize math if you are using it in a sentence as math committee?


Is this sentence correct you had maths or you did maths?

it is not correct, it is you had math, or you did math.

Is it maths or math?

Math is the correct spelling for this sentence. Maths can be the correct spelling for this sentence. In other words it depends on how you put it in a sentence. * * * * * English : Maths US : Math

What is a variable expression in math?

a variable expression in math is a symbol that is in a sentence

How do you use the word math in a sentence?

That math test was really tough!

Is this sentence correct in grammar?

this is the sentence I prepared for a math competition, hours spent on complicated math problems every day.