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Angle of incidence = angle of reflection

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Q: What is the difference of angle of incidence ad the angle of reflection?
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Who gave laws of reflection?

Specular reflection is the mirror-like reflection of light(or of other kinds of wave) from a surface, in which light from a single incoming direction (a ray) is reflected into a single outgoing direction. Such behavior is described by the law of reflection, which states that the direction of incoming light (the incident ray), and the direction of outgoing light reflected (the reflected ray) make the same angle with respect to the surface normal, thus the angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection ( in the figure), and that the incident, normal, and reflected directions are coplanar. This behavior was first discovered through careful observation and measurement by Hero of Alexandria (AD c. 10-70).

If segment AD perpendicular segment CE m angle 1 m angle 6 and m angle 1 37 find m angle GMD?


What is the difference between AD and AC?

Ad is higher than ac

What is the difference between 50 ad and 2010 ad?

1960 years

How can you prove a triangle ABC is isosceles if angle BAD is congruent to angle CAD and line AD is perpendicular to line Bc?

Given: AD perpendicular to BC; angle BAD congruent to CAD Prove: ABC is isosceles Plan: Principle a.s.a Proof: 1. angle BAD congruent to angle CAD (given) 2. Since AD is perpendicular to BC, then the angle BDA is congruent to the angle CDA (all right angles are congruent). 3. AD is congruent to AD (reflexive property) 4. triangle BAD congruent to triangle CAD (principle a.s.a) 5. AB is congruent to AC (corresponding parts of congruent triangles are congruent) 6. triangle ABC is isosceles (it has two congruent sides)

If bisects the angle ACD then B is the midpoint of AD?

That is not necessarily true.

In a right angle triangle angle b is 90 d is mid point of side ac ac10 find out ad and how?

If AC = 10 units and D is the midpoint of AC then AD = AC/2 = 5 units!

What bisects an angle?

The Angle Bisector Theorem states that given triangle and angle bisector AD, where D is on side BC, then . Likewise, the converse is also true. Not sure if this is what you want?

Why can you see your reflection in your eye?

Because your eye is covered in a moist film which protects the eye a little. It prevents the eye from drying out ad you can see your reflection in it because it is a clear liquid similar ti water.

What is the difference between AC and AD?

AC is alternating current and AD is Anno Domini or after Christ.

If bc bisects the angle acd then b is the midpoint of ad?

That is not necessarily true.

What is the proof that equiangular triangle is also called equilateral triangle?

Label the triangle ABC. Draw the bisector of angle A to meet BC at D. Then in triangles ABD and ACD, angle ABD = angle ACD (equiangular triangle) angle BAD = angle CAD (AD is angle bisector) so angle ADB = angle ACD (third angle of triangles). Also AD is common. So, by ASA, triangle ABD is congruent to triangle ACD and therefore AB = AC. By drawing the bisector of angle B, it can be shown that AB = BC. Therefore, AB = BC = AC ie the triangle is equilateral.