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Finding the average from the raw data requires a lot more calculations. By using frequency distributions you reduce the number of calculations.

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Q: What is the difference of finding average from raw data and from frequency distribution?
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What is the formula in finding the frequency distribution?

The frequency distribution usually refers to empirical measurement and there is no formula for finding it. You simply count the number of times an observation falls within a given range.

When is finding the average not useful?

There is no meaningful average wen data are categorical (qualitative). Also, the arithmetic mean is not a good measure of central tendency when the data distribution is skewed.

What is the formula for finding probabilities?

The formula for finding probability depends on the distribution function.

What is frequency and frequency distribution?

Frequency is how often something occurs. Frequency distribution is how often something occurs within a group of separate categories or ranges. Say you had a list of exam scores from a class of students. You might want to find out how many people got between 0% and 10%, how many got between 11% and 20%, how many got between 21% and 30%, and so on. All you are interested in is the how many as compared to who actually got the scores. What you would be doing is creating a frequency distribution table. You would be finding out how many people got results in the various ranges, or how the frequency of results are distributed across these ranges.

When finding standard deviation you are typically looking at what kind of distribution?

Usually a normal distribution.

Why you use frequency domain?

we can use frequency domain for finding phase of the input signal and magnitud of the instrument. we can use frequency domain for finding phase of the input signal and magnitud of the instrument.

How do you find the frequency in frequency table if the given is percent of total?

find the frequency before finding the percent total -_- :)

What is the formula for finding the frequency of a wave?

Frequency = (speed) divided by (wavelength) or Frequency = (1) divided by (period of the wave)

When you subtract fractions you are finding their?

You are finding their difference.

What is the equation for finding wavelength?

wavelength = speed of the wave / frequency

What is the equation for finding the wavelength of a wave?

wavelength = (wave speed) / (frequency) frequency = (wave speed) / (wavelength) Wave speed = (wavelength) x (frequency)

What is the equation for finding the amplitude of a wave?

a=d/f distance / frequency

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