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None. Different words for the same thing.

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Q: What is the differencr between exponents and powers?
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Related questions

How do you change powers with negative exponents to powers with positive exponents?

by doing reciprocal

How are exponents and powers different?

They are not. Exponents, powers and indices are terms used for the same thing.

What is all the power and exponents 1-10?

All the powers and exponents of 1 are 1.The powers and exponents of any of the other numbers up to 10 are equivalent to the all the positive numbers - rational and irrational.

Who found exponents and powers?


What does it mean to multiply two powers having the same base and add the exponents?

This is one of the laws of exponents, which states that xa * xb = x(a+b) The base is x, and the two powers (or exponents) are a and b.

When do add exponents?

when you multiply powers with the same base.

What is a rule that works for multiplying powers of the same base in exponents?

To multiply powers with the same base, you add the exponents. For example, 10^2 x 10^3 = 10^5. Similarly, to divide powers with the same base, you subtract the exponents. For example, 10^3 / 10^5 = 10^(-2).

What is the word for numbers expressed using exponents?

They are called powers

Who discovered powers and exponents in math?

i dont know i am asking you

What is the difference between exponents and powers?

Exponent=e to the powerPower=m to the power ni.e Power=Generalized exponent

When multiplying number do you add the exponents?

If you are multiplying powers of the same base (like 24 times 211), yes, you add the exponents.

What does a sorceress cheering for her favorite football team have in common with rational exponents?

She has powers and roots

Numbers expressed using exponents?

Numbers expressed using exponents are called powers. When writing a number expressed as an exponent, the number is called the base.

Why are exponents important?

Scientists use exponents to determine the speed of light, the distance between planets, or counting cells. Counting the number of cells can determine if someone does not have enough white blood cells, so they cannot fight diseases as easily. I know that people have million of cells in their body, so with exponents you do not have to write them all out, but in powers of ten.

What property can you use to multiply the expressions with exponents?

The Addition Property of Exponents. To multiply powers with the same base, add the exponents. e.g. 34 x 37 = 311, x2x3 = x5, and (3x2yz3)(2x5y2z) = 6x7y3z4.

In powers and exponents what does standard form mean?

It means the number form of the exponent.

Numbers written using exponents that represent repeated multiplication?

powers, or exponent

When writing polynomial's in standard form what do you write in descending order?

Powers of their exponents

How do you raise a power to a power?

The rule is that you multiply the exponents. So if I have 2 squared and I want to raise it to the third power, you multiply the 2x3=6. When you multiply powers you add the exponents. When you raise exponents to a power you multiply. This works for rational exponents which can be used to represent roots as well.

What is the region differencr of Maine and Florida?

dont know dont care

Example of exponents?

Powers. 2 to the power of 4 = 16. "to the power of 4) is the the exponent.

Why are numbers expressed using exponents called powers?

Because exponent is the same as power.

What is the relationship between the exponents of the base and the exponent of the product?

when two numbers are multiplied together that are exponents you multiply the bases amd add the exponents the relationship would simply be that the product exponents are the sum of the exponents being multiplied in the question

What do you with two negative exponents when multiplying?

I presume you mean you are multiplying two powers of the same base, where both exponents are negative. Regardless of the signs of the exponents, you algebraically add the exponents. For example, 2-3 times 2-4 is 2-7; 35 times 3-8 is 3-3.

How do you simplify exponents or powers in algebra?

When multiplying exponents with the same base add them: x^3*x^2 = x^5 When dividing exponents with the same base subtract them: x^3/x^2 = x^1 or x