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2VdV + 2PdP + 3T2dT (this is an expression, not an equation because there is no equals sign)

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Q: What is the differential form of following equation ie square of volume plus square of pressure plus cube of temperature?
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What equation includes all of the following quantities volume pressure temperature and moles?

90% sure it is pv=nrt

What is the equation for temperature volume and pressure?


Which one of the following equation encompasses Boyle law Charles law and relationship between pressure and temperature when the volume is constant?


What you mean by cold differential set pressure of a safety valve?

cold differential test pressure -The inlet static pressure at which a pressure relief valve is adjusted to open on the test stand. This test pressure includes corrections for service conditions of superimposed back pressure and/or temperature.

Can you work out pressure from volume?

No. For a gas, temperature also comes into the equation.

What are the factors that affect the products of a chemical equation?

temperature, pressure, concentration

How does pressure change with a change in temperature?

By the equation- PV=nRT we get,only for gases !Pressure is directly proportional to the temperature.This implies that as pressure increases, temperature also increasesand as pressure decreases, temperature also decreases

Which of the following factors affect the vapour pressure of a liquid?

The vapour pressure depends on the boiling point temperature and the atmospheric temperature.

What is the equation for boyles law?

Pressure x Volume = Constant (at a constant temperature).

The temperature at which a gas condenses into a liquid?

The condensation temperature is a characteristic of the gas that is different for ever gas or gas mixture. Atmospheric pressure and temperature differential also affects condensation temperature.

What happens to the temperature in the change of pressure?

if volume is constant then the equation PV=T helps so where P increases so will T so when pressure increases so will the temperature and when pressure decreases so will the temperature

What is the difference between normal pressure gauge and differential pressure gauge?

A pressure gauge indicates actual pressure and a differential pressure gauge indicates the difference in pressure.

What is the equation for nitrogen gas plus hydrogen gas under pressure and at high temperature?

the balanced equation is N2 + 3H2 = 2NH3

What is differential pressure in pump?

The output pressure over the inlet pressure.

Differential pressure switch of thermopac?

Yes, the differential pressure switches off the thermopac. Differential pressure switch shut off unit in case of abnormal thermic fluid flow condition.

How do you make a calibration for differential pressure?

Differential pressure is the difference between two pressures. So, P2-P1.

How are temperature and air pressure related?

If the temperature of a system is increased, but the volume remains constant, the pressure will increase. If Pressure is increased, then temperature will increase. They are directly proportional, as shown by the combined gas law equation, (V1P1)/T1=V2P2/T2

What law relates pressure and temperature at a constant volume as temperature increases pressure increases?

You can use the Ideal Gas Equation: pV=nRT or p1V1/T1 = p2V2/T2

What is PSID?

Pressure differential in psi.

Force per unit area defines which of the following a) pressure b) gravity c) force d) temperature?


What is a pressure differential?

its pressure between suction and discharge flow...

Relate temperature pressure and volume of gases?

The temperature, pressure, and volume of gases can be related by the ideal gas equation. PV = nRT where P is pressure, V is volume, n is moles, R is that ideal gas constant, and T is the temperature in Kelvin.

How does differential heating affect air pressure?

Differential heating creates high-and-low-pressure areas, creating wind.

Where is the Manifold differential pressure sensor 2001 Mitsubishi montero?

manifold differential pressure sensor montero sport 3.0

When pressure and temperature of the gas are constant the volume of the gas will be?

Constant. Volume = proportionality constant * temperature * number density / pressure. Everything to the right of the equation is constant, so volume has to be constant.