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790 miles long and 660 miles wide.

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What is the difference between a driving and driven dimension?

Driving Dimension: the geometry is controlled by the dimension. Driven Dimension: the dimension is controlled by the geometry.

What is the difference between 3d and 4d?

The Third Dimension is the dimension of space, the one we are in now. The Fourth Dimension is the theoretical dimension of time, which overlaps onto the 3'rd Dimension.

A sentence for dimension?

THere was a dimension in my classroom

What is the dimension of time?

The fourth dimension.

What is dimension in tagalog language?


What is the pressure dimension?

pressure dimension

Where does the lead plug into of a Dell Samsung fmd9410ndl1 flash card reader after fitting to a PC?

As far as I can tell, it's a proprietary connection on the motherboards of the following Dell desktop systems: * Dimension 3100 * Dimension 5000 * Dimension 5100 * Dimension 5150 * Dimension 9100 * Dimension 9150 * Dimension E310 * Dimension E510 * XPS 400

How do you find a dimension?

The 2 dimension is times 2 but if it is 3 dimension is times 3

What is the dimension for momentum?

Momentum = Mass X Velocity Velocity = Displacement/Time Dimension of Mass = M Dimension of Displacement = L Dimension of Time = T Therefore Dimension of Velocity = LT-1 Therefore Dimension of Momentum = MLT-1

Are there such things of dimension?

Yes there are such things of dimension.

What is the dimension of position?

A position, by itself, has no dimension.

How do you find the overall dimension of a can?

find the dimension.

What is the Dimension of a linear meter?

The dimension is [L].

What dimension is a plane figure?

its the 2nd dimension

What dimension of 2 by 2?

dimension 4

What is a dimension line?

Lines that define the parameters of a dimension.Dimension lines are thin lines terminating in arrowheads. Place dimension lines no closer than 3/8" from the object outline. Parallel dimension lines should be a minimum of 1/4" apart. You may place parallel dimension lines more than 1/4" apart so long as the spacing between dimension lines is uniform throughout the drawing. Dimension lines are generally broken in the center of the line to provide a space for the dimension figure. Dimension figures for parallel dimension lines are staggered. In some structural or architectural drawings, you may find dimension figures placed above the dimension line.

What is the fourth dimension in architecture?

The fourth dimension is Time.

What is social dimension of education?

what is social dimension of education?

What is the crater dimension of mount kilauea?

The dimension is 44.

What dimension is a space?

Any integer dimension that you like.

Is not time a dimension?

yes,time is the 4th dimension...

How tall is Rob Dimension?

Rob Dimension is 6'.

How many dimension does a 3 dimension have?

Three, of course!

What is the difference between traditional and alternative paradigms?

Traditional Dimension One: Positivistic, Scientific, Objective, Quantitative Dimension Two: Masculine attributes, patriarchal perspectives Dimension Three: Standard of Whiteness Dimension Four: Separateness, impersonality, oppositional, competition Dimension Five: Privileged Status Alternative Dimension One: Interpretive, intuitive, subjective, qualitative Dimension Two: Feminine Attributes, feminist perspective Dimension Three: Diversity Dimension Four: Interconnectedness, integration, differences viewed as complementary Dimension Five: Recognition of Oppressions and elimination of privilege

How much does it cost to add a bathroom and bedroom to an existing home in Leander Texas?

wherever it may be the cost depends on the dimension of the rooms...try to be more specific....