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4 days at 100 kilometers per day would be 4 time 100 = 400

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Q: What is the distance traveled by a boat that has a speed of 100 km per day over a time of 4 days?
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If the trip took 76 days how many miles did the Triton average each day?

Well, it would be the number of miles traveled divided by the number of days taken to travel it. In this case: X/76 = D Where X is the distance traveled and D is the distance traveled each day.

How long does it take to get to from Sydney to Paris by boat?

Assuming that the distance may be around half terrestrial meridian; the boat's speed around 20 knots (miles/hour), then simple arithmetic gives us 26 days.

How long it would take you to reach the moon if you traveled at a speed of 1000 kilometers per hour?

The distance from the Earth to the moon is about 384,000 Kilometers so it would be about 384 hours or 16 days.

How many days from Mexico to New York on a boat?

It depends on the speed of your boat, but it would take some 57 hours (2 days, 9 hours) on a fast boat.

What the distance from US to Europe by boat?

6-14 days.

How many days does it takes to get to the moon from the earth?

At the speed the Apollo spacecraft traveled, it took three to three and a half days.

The trip took 317 days What was the average speed of the sailboat in miles per hour Round to the nearest tenth of a mile hour?

We're missing a value, we'll need the distance traveled to determine that.

How many days from earth to sun if speed is 80 miles per hour?

Just divide the distance by the speed. If the distance is in miles, and the speed in miles/hour, the time will be in hours - which you can then easily convert to days.

How many days would a boat going 15 mph take traveling 1700 mile?

time = distance / speed time = 1700 / 15 time = 113.33 hours to convert into days divide the number of hours by 24 113.33 / 24 =4.7 days

A man accepts a bet and circumnavigates the earth in 80 days Using 6200 miles as the circumference of the earth at his latitude determine the average speed in miles over hour?

To find the average speed, we divide the total distance by the time taken. In this case, the man circumnavigated the Earth in 80 days, which is 24 hours/day * 80 days = 1920 hours. The total distance traveled is 6200 miles. Therefore, the average speed is 6200 miles / 1920 hours ≈ 3.23 miles per hour.

What would be the speed of ashley's car if she traveled 140 miles in two days?

70 miles per day.

The nile river is the longest river in the world at 4160 miles a group of explorers traveled along the entire nile in x days they traveled the same distance each day?

The Nile River is the longest river in the world that 4160 miles a group of explorers travel along the entire now in xx days they traveled the same distance each day write an algebraic expression to find out each day's distance.