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48 divided by 12 equals 4.

48/12 = 4

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Q: What is the division sentence related to the following subtraction sentences 48-12 equals 36 36-12 equals 24 24-12 equals 12 12-12 equals 0?
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What division sentence means the same as the following subtraction sentences 12-4 equals 8 8-4 equals 4 4-4 equals 0?

12 divided by 4=3

What division sentence means the same as the following subtraction sentences 24-6 equals 18 18-6 equals 12 12-6 equals 6 6-6 equals 0?

24 / 6 = 4

What do you call the sentences after the first sentence?

The sentences after the first are the second sentence and the following sentences.

What is a good sentence using the word division of powers?

divison is like subtraction

What is the name to the answer of a division sentence?

The answer to a division sentence is the quotient. Sum is addition. Difference is subtraction. Product is multiplication.

What is a number sentence for math?

an number sentence is a sentence for numbers like the following: 8x2=16 9÷3=3 got it? just a simple addition,multiplication,division,subtraction and an inequality sentence!

After a topic sentence should the following sentences support it?


Three of the following passages are sentence fragments that is incomplete sentences one is a complete sentence with an implied aubject.which one is a complete sentence?


One of the following sentences contains an independent clause and a dependent clause which makes it a comlex sentence Which is the complex sentence?


Which of the two sentences is correct The following ARE your resume and cover letter Or The following IS your resume and cover letter?

The following are your resumé and covering letter is a correct sentence.

How are compound sentences formed?

A compound sentence is when two sentences are put together to form one sentence by using a conjunction such as and, but, or, nor, for, yet, etc. For example, the following sentences are two sentences: I have a yellow cat. I have a black cat. Instead, I could say "I have a yellow cat and a black cat."

What is the role of the supporting sentences that make up the body of classification and division paragraphs?

The role of the supporting sentence that makes up the body of classification and division paragraphs is to explain how to classify the objects introduced in the topic sentence into smaller groups, or they list the parts of the item introduced in the topic sentence.

A sentence for subtraction?

the subtraction test was full of pink sparkly dots

Sentence of noun?

The noun is a part of speech. Find the noun in the following sentences and underline each one.

For this topic sentence, what is the best, most logical order for the following sentences Topic sentence: Salt is the most important spice in the world.?


What does division sentence mean?

a division sentence means sentence with numbers with division but don't wright a sentence

When do you regroup in a subtraction sentence?


How would you use the the word mnemonic in a sentence?

"Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally" is a mnemonic for Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication and Division, and Addition and Subtraction (PEMDAS), which is the order of operations.

What is a sample sentence?

It's a sample sentence, or several sample sentences, but not a sample sentences. Sample sentences are sentences to help you understand the meaning of a word.

How could you combine the following two sentences into one compound sentence the rabbit jumped in to the bushes the dog followed it?

The two sentences in the example provided can be combined into a compound sentence. It would be written as such: The rabbit jumped into the bushes, and the dog followed it.

What are three types of supporting details?

There are indeed three types of supporting details, namely, supporting sentences, detail sentences and concluding sentence. The supporting sentences is tied to the topic sentence; the detail sentences is related to supporting sentences, and concluding sentence re-emphasize the the topic sentence. In fact, there are four elements in a good paragraph - topic sentence, supporting sentences, detail sentences and concluding sentence. I hope that solves your problem.

A sentence with the word subtraction in it?

l like adding better than subtraction in maths

How do you use division in a sentence?

Division has more than one meaning. Math: "Division is multiplication, going the opposite direction. General: "I like this division of work. You are better with the technical details, and I'm better with people." Well, that's two sentences, to make the meaning more clear.

What is a sentence for division?

The sentence which expressed the division fact is called division sentence. Division is denoted as symbol as "÷" and /.

What is the definition of supporting sentences?

A supporting sentence is a sentence in a paragraph that gives support and evidence to the claim made in the topic sentence. Most of the sentences in a paragraph are supporting sentences.