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Q: What is the eight term when the first term is negative four and the common ratio is negative one half?
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Why do the points of a geometric sequence lie on an exponential curve only when the common ratio is positive?

If the common ratio is negative then the points are alternately positive and negative. While their absolute values will lie on an exponential curve, an oscillating sequence will not lie on such a curve,

Will A geometric sum will converge to a number whenever the common ratio is between one and negative one?


What is the common ratio of geometric sequence whose third term is 1 and eight term is 243?


Which sequence is a geometric sequence having 4 as its first term and 3 as the common ratio?

You start with the number 4, then multiply with the "common ratio" to get the next term. That, in turn, is multiplied by the common ratio to get the next term, etc.

If the sum of an infinite geometric series is 12 and the common ratio is one third then term 1 is what?

Eight. (8)

Do the first two numbers in a ratio always have a common factor?


The sum to three terms of geometric series is 9 and its sum to infinity is 8. What could you deduce about the common ratio. Why. Find the first term and common ratio?

The geometric sequence with three terms with a sum of nine and the sum to infinity of 8 is -9,-18, and 36. The first term is -9 and the common ratio is -2.

Is negative tweleve rational?

Negative is the ratio of -12 to 1 . Since it's the ratio of two integers, it's rational.

Why cant a negative fraction represent a probability?

Probability is a ratio of two counts: both of which MUST be positive. Their ratio cannot be negative.

The price elasticity of demand is the ratio of the?

Change in the demand for a goods and the change in its price. The ratio is negative but the negative sign is usually dropped.

Is negative 8.25 rational?

Yes. It's the ratio of negative 33 to 4, also the ratio of 33 to negative 4. Any positive or negative decimal that ends and doesn't go on forever is rational.

What is common ratio?

the fixed amount multiplied is called Common ratio