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y= mx + b. M is the slope of the line, when b is where the line intercepts the y axis.

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Q: What is the equation for a vertical line using y equals?
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The equation y - 4 equals 0 represents a vertical line?

No. It represents a horizontal line.

What equation always equals 5?

The equation of a vertical line x = 5 or the equation of a horizontal line y = 5.

What is the slope for the equation y equals -3?

The slope (or gradient) of a vertical or horizontal line is zero.

Is the graph of the equation x equals 3 is a horizontal line true or false?

False. X = 3 is a vertical line.

What is the slope of the line represented by the equation x equals -3?

x = -3 represents a vertical line whose slope is undefined.

What is the slope of the line with equation x equals 4?

x = 4 is a straight line that is vertical when plotted on the xy graph, where y is the vertical axis and x is the horizontal axis. A vertical line has an infinite slope; the slope is infinity

What kind of line is created when you graph the equation x equals 9?

A vertical line intercepting the x-axis at 9 with an undefined slope.

What is the equation of the vertical line passing through (-4-5)?

What is the equation of the vertical line passing through (-5,-2)

Is the equation x equals 7 a function?

No. The equation x=7 has an undefined slope since it is simply a vertical line located at x = 7. A basic test for a function is if you can draw a vertical line through the graph of the equation and it touches in more than one place, it is NOT a function.

How do you write an equation with and undefined slope?

Any vertical line has an undefined slope. The equation of the vertical line is x = a where the x-intercept is a.

What is the y intercept and slope in this equation x equals -5?

There is no y-intercept or slope for this given equation, because its graph is a vertical line perpendicular to the x-axis.

What type of graph does an equation of the form x equals a where a is any real number have and why?

It is a horizontal line in the Cartesian plane, or a vertical line in the complex plane. The reason is that these points satisfy the equation while no others do.