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For finding the angles in a right angled triangle the ratios are:

sine = opposite divided by the hypotenuse

cosine = adjacent divided by the hypotenuse

tangent = opposite divided by the adjacent

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Q: What is the equation for finding the sine and cosine and tangent of a triangle?
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What is soh cah toa in trigonometry?

SoH: used for finding the sine of a triangle in trigonometry: Opposite/HypotenuseCaH: used for finding the cosine of a triangle in trigonometry: Adjacent/HypotenuseToA: used for finding the tangent of a triangle in trigonometry: Opposite/Adjacent

Where to use sine and cosine in physics?

The sine, cosine and tangent are used to find the degrees of a right angle triangle.

How do you find 2 missing sides of a right triangle?

Two methods to try . #1 Use pythagoras h^ = a^2 + a^2 NB THis is only good if you know that the two unknown sides are the same length. #2 Use trigonometry (trig.) This is good if you know the hypotenuse and one of the angles. Sine(angle) = opposite/ hypotenuse Hence opposite side = hypotenuse X sine(angle) Similarly Cosine(angle) = adjacent / hypotenuse. adjacent side = hypotenuse X Cosine(angle) Here is an example If you known the hypotenuse is a length of '6' and the angle is 30 degrees. Then opposite = 6 X Sin(30) opposite = 6 x 0.5 = 3 So the length of the oppisute sides is '3' units. NB DO NOT make the mistakes of saying Sin(6 X 30) = Sin(180) Nor 6 x 30 , nor Sin(6) X 30 , nor any other combination. You MUST find the SINE of the angle , then multiply it to the given length. Similarly for Cosine and Tangent.

How does the tangent function relate to sine and cosine?

Tangent = sine/cosine provided that cosine is non-zero. When cosine is 0, then tangent is undefined.

How do you find theta for right triangle?

You can use your trigonometric functions (sine, cosine, and tangent).

How do you solve for a triangle with two angles but no lengths?

you can use the sine, cosine, tangent formula.

What equation describes the cosine function for a right triangle?

mathematical equation

How do you use sine cosine and tangent?

They are used to find the angle or side measurement of a right triangle. For example, if 2 sides of a right triangle have known values and an angle has a known measurement, you can find the third side by using sine, cosine or tangent.

A ratio of the lengths of two sides of a right triangle?

Sine Cosine Tangent Cotangent Secant Cosecant

How do you work out the angles in a triangle with only 3 sides and no angles?

use the inverse sine or cosine or tangent

How do you know when to use tangent cosine or sine?

It depends on what information you already have. For example, if you know the length of two sides of a triangle, you can easily find the tangent. Or, if you know the length of two angles and a side, you can find the other sides as well, using the tangent, cosine, and sine as needed.

How do you find sine cosine and tangent of 210 degrees?

Sine = -0.5 Cosine = -0.866 Tangent = 0.577