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The equation will be a perpendicular bisector equation of the given points:-

Points: (-1, 3) and (-2, -5)

Midpoint: (-3/2, -1)

Slope: 8

Perpendicular slope: -1/8

Perpendicular equation: y--1 = -1/8(x--3/2) => y = -1/8x-3/16-1

Therefore the perpendicular bisector equation is: y = -1/8x -19/16

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Q: What is the equation of a straight line that cuts through the middle of the points of -1 3 and -2 -5 at right angles on the Cartesian plane showing work?
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What is a term used to describe the relationship between two variables who's graph is a straight line passing through the point 00?

It is a straight line equation with no x or y intercepts on the Cartesian plane

Define the grading on the Cartesian graph?

x is the horizontal axis y is the vertical axis The point where the x and y axis meet is called the origin. The form of a Cartesian straight line equation is given as y = mx+c where m is the slope and c is the intercept through the y axis.

Prove that the equation of a straight line is given by y equals mx plus c .?

The Cartesian coordinates in the form of the linear equation y = mx+c is a straight line that can be plotted on a graph where m is the slope and c is the intercept through the y axis. For example: y = 3x+2 means that 3 is the slope and that 2 is the intercept and when plotted on a x axis and y axis graph will produce a straight line. The idea of Cartesian coordinates was the brainchild of the French mathematician Rene Descartes in the early 17th century.

What is the equation for the line passing through the points of 2 2 and 4 -3 on the Cartesian plane?

It is: y = -2.5x+7

Can a liner function not have a y intercept?

Yes when the straight line passes through the origin (0, 0) on the Cartesian plane it has no y intercept.

What does state the equation of the straight line with a gradient of 2 passing through the y axis at 0 4?

It is the equation of a straight line in the form of: y = 2x+4

What is an equation of the form ymx for the line that passes through the origin and has slope 2?

The straight line equation is: y = 2x

What is e equals blv?

It is the equation showing the relationship betweene, the electromagnetic force (EMF) generated between the ends of a straight conductor of length L, when it is moved with a velocity v, through a magnetic field of flux of density B.

What is are the determinants of fertilty?

alternatives to determine the equation straight line through two points?

What is the equation of the line that cuts through the points 73 14 and 62 19 on the Cartesian plane?

It works out as: 11y = -5x+519 or as 5x+11y-519 = 0

What is the equation of a line in the slope is -7 through -65?

To work out the equation of a straight line the slope and an (x, y) coordinate must be given

What is the definition of y intercept?

The location where the curve in question crosses the y-axis.