What is the equivalent of linear yards?

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If you buy something sold in linear yards, then it will be a role of material (or carpet etc) that is sold by a length as it comes off the roll rather than by its area measurement.

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Q: What is the equivalent of linear yards?
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Related questions

550 linear yards equals to how many yards?

Linear yards and yards are the same measurement. Therefore, 550 linear yards is equal to 550 yards.

How many yards is in 50 Linear yards?

Yards and linear yards are the same measurement. Linear yards are a way of distinguishing between distance, area, and volume.

What is 220 yards?

A linear measurement equivalent to 660 ft. or 201.168 mtr or 10 chains

How may feet are in 8 yards?

There are 24 linear ft. in 8 linear yards.

How many feet in 111 linear yards?

111 linear yards is 333 feet.

How many yards in 1000 feet?

There are 333.3 linear yards in 1,000 linear feet.

How many square yards in 21 feet?

7 The dimension you provide is not a squared dimension but a linear dimension. There are no squared dimensions in a linear dimension. There are 7 linear yards in 21 linear feet, but no squared yards.

How do you convert 80 yards into linear feet?

80 yards are 240 feet. Forget the word "linear". All length measures are linear.

How many linear meters in 120 linear yards?

109.728 (linear) meters.

How much feet is 45 yards?

45 linear yards=135 linear ft. 45 sq. yards=405 sq. ft.

How many linear yards are 80 feet?

Linear yards means in a straight line. 80 feet is equal to 26.666 yards.

How many linear yards are in 15000 square feet?

It is impossible to convert square units into linear units as this requires losing a dimension. An area can have any shape you desire: all that matters is that its area is the required value. Examples: a rectangle of area 15,000 sq ft can have dimensions of 3 ft by 5,000 ft or 1 linear yard by 1666 2/3 linear yards (with a perimeter of 3335 1/3 linear yards); or a rectangle can be 60 ft x 250 ft or 20 linear yards by 83 1/3 linear yards (with a perimeter of 206 2/3 linear yards); Or the area could be enclosed by a circle of radius approx 23.03 linear yards (with a perimeter of approx 144.72 linear yards; Or the surface area of a sphere with a radius of approx 11.52 linear yards (with no perimeter). It can be said that a linear yard has zero width, therefore there are 15000 sq ft / 0 ft = infinitely many linear feet = infinitely many linear yards.

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