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Q: What is the estimate for the length of a real couch in meters?
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What is the estimate length of a real chalkboard?

I think that a chalkboard is 60 centimeters long

Is plopped a real word?

Sure. If you plop down on the couch, you have plopped down on the couch.

What is melodys real name from backroom casting couch?

Jordyn Brandner

Are bull sharks real and what are they?

Yes, they are real. They are a subspecies of the Shark Family. A full grown bull shark can be around 10 to 11 meters in length. They can weigh over 320 kilograms or 700 pounds in weight. There have been cases of giant bull sharks that are as long as 13 meters in length. Such animals may weight well over 700 pounds.

Is Beavis and Butthead real?

No they are people who just sit all day on the couch

How many meters in the length of a real desk?

Desks come a wide variety of lengths. Anything from one metre upwards to several metres. There is no standard size

Is Mark Swasey a real person?

Yes of course he is real. He was a basketball couch for CalU in PA. Only he stopped coaching. He... Is my dad.

What is the real length of the ant?

It's length is 5mm.

What is the scaling factor of a model car with a length of 16 cm and the real car has a length of 4.43 meters?

16cm = 0.16m 0.16 : 4.43 (divide both numbers by 0.16) 1 : 27.6875 (approximately 27.69) I think that's right =]

How many square meters are there in the base of the great pyramid?

The length of each side of the Great Pyramid (Khufu/Cheops) is 230.4 meters.So the real estate it sits on is (230.4)2 = 53,084.16 square meters(5.3084 hectares, rounded)(13.12 acres, rounded)

Is the dover demon real or not?

The story was once upon a time it was born by a mother it had 2 sisters one named Brooklyn jaye harris and one named Jordan rhys harris.Then when it turned 1 it took the couch coushions off the couch and cryed then I got tired of it and this WAS a real story based on EASTON MILLER HARRIS!!so it is real and seen

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it may be that kids play outside, after sitting on the couch all winter. there is no real scientific answer.