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Q: What is the exact fraction of an electron's mass?
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What is the mass defect?

If you add the exact mass of the protons, neutrons, and electrons in an atom you do not get the exact atomic mass of the isotope. The diference is called the mass defect. The difference between the mass of the atomic nucleus and the sum of the masses of the particles within the nucleus is known as the mass defect.

Are electrons negatively charged and have a mass of 1 amu?

Electrons do have a net charge of negative one. Their mass, however, is only a fraction of 1 atomic mass unit, specifically, 1/1836 amu.

Are neutrons lighter that protons in any atom?

no they are the exact same weight the decimal on the atomic mass is the weight from the electrons

Do the electrons of an atom contribute to mass of an atom?

Protons have a positive charge and weigh 1 AMU Neutrons have a neutral charge and weigh 1 AMU Electrons have a negative charge and 1184 electrons weigh 1AMU so they are thought to add nothing to the mass of an atom. You may want to check out Bohr's model or the duet/octet rule.

Do a valence electrons determine an electrons mass?

I'm not 100% certain what you were trying to ask, but I think the answer is "no". All electrons have the same rest mass.Valence electrons have higher energy (and therefore higher relativistic mass) than core electrons, if that's what you meant, but it's not a large factor; the difference in energy levels between valence electrons and core electrons even in large atoms is only a fraction of the electron's mass-equivalent energy.

How many neutrons are there in an atom with an atomic mass or 46?

The isotope sulfur-46 has 16 protons and electrons and 30 neutrons (the exact atomic mass is 46.000750).

If an atom 26 protons 26 electrons and 30 neutrons what is it's mass number?

It's Atomic Mass is 56 (and some change) because the majority of the mass comes from the protons and neutrons which equal about 1 amu (atomic mass unit) while the electrons equal a fraction of a percent so just add up the protons and electrons to get the atomic mass henceforth the mass number

Why is it important for electrons to have no mass?

Actually, electrons do have mass.

Why electrons have no mass?

They have mass, it is just too little in comparison to the mass of the neutron and protons to be taken into account. Therefore when measuring the mass of an atom, the mass of the electron are not used. (To be exact,9.10938188 × 10-31 kilograms, and the mass of proton is 1.67262158 × 10-27 kilograms.)

How do you find a mass fraction?

mass fraction of Substance A = (mass of Sub. A) / (total mass)

How is mass related to electrons?

because the electrons plus the nuetrons equal the mass

How does the mass of an electron compare to the mass of a whole atom?

yes the mass of an electron is much tinnier fraction of the mass of an atom