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213.23 = two hundred thirteen and twenty-three hundredths.

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Q: What is the expanded word form of 213.23 decimals?
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How do you write 901.045 decimals in expanded form in word form?

nine hundred and one and four hundredths and five thousandths.

How do you write 53.5 in expanded form and word form?

expanded form 50.0+3.0+0.5 all there is to it is putting zeros at the end of the number where the three would go in fifty three, then add the decimal then zero in this case word form fifty-three and five tenths in word form the (and) represents the decimal (or the .) and adding the (th) to the tenth lets you know you are talking about decimals.

What is the expanded form and word form for 15030?

Expanded: 10000+5000+30 Word: fifteen thousand thirty

How do you change decimals into word form?


How do you write 14.2 in expanded form and word form?

Expanded form of that number is 10 + 4 + 0.2.In word form, we have fourteen and 2 tenths.

What is the answer to 6x6 in standard form?

The answer is 36. Word Form: Thirty-six Expanded Form: 30 + 6 Expanded Word Form: Thirty + Six

Write the word form of four and expanded form?

write the word form and expanded form of the number four

How do you write 253 in expanded form and word form?

Expanded Form: 200 + 50 + 3 Word Form: Two Hundred, Fifty-Three

What is the expanded and word form of 5.68?

Expanded form of 5.68= 5.0 + 0.60 + 0.08 Word Form= Five point six eight

4.196 in expanded word form?

4.196 in expanded word form is: four and one hundred ninety-six thousandths.

What is expanded form and word form of 63485?


What is the expanded form or word form of 22000000?

The word form is: twenty-two million.