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Q: What is the expected error rate for dictation?
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What is nominal interest rate minus the expected rate of inflation?

The expected real interest rate.

What is the error in this sentence Everybody is expected to work for the goods of the country no error?

Everybody is expected to work for the good of the country

Calculation for expected spot rate?

The expected spot rate can be estimated by observing the relevant forward rate. E.g. expected spot rate in 90-days can be estimated by observing the 90-day forward rate.

The one year nominal interest rate is 7.97 and the real interest rate is 3.54 what is the expected inflation rate?

The expected inflation rate is 11.51%

How is expected rate of return calculated from average rate of return on investment and standard deviation?

The expected rate of return is simply the average rate of return. The standard deviation does not directly affect the expected rate of return, only the reliability of that estimate.

Does the capital asset pricing model help us to get required rate of return or expected rate of return?

expected rate of return

Increase in expected growth rate does what to required return rate?

An increase in a firm's expected growth rate would normally cause its required rate of return to

What is the expected rate of return for Industries that has a beta of 0.71 when the risk free rate is 0.09 and the market rate of return is expected to be 0.13?


What does it mean if you get a negative number when you calculate for percent error?

Depending on whether you subtract actual value from expected value or other way around, a positive or negative percent error, will tell you on which side of the expected value that your actual value is. For example, suppose your expected value is 24, and your actual value is 24.3 then if you do the following calculation to figure percent error:[percent error] = (actual value - expected value)/(actual value) - 1 --> then convert to percent.So you have (24.3 - 24)/24 -1 = .0125 --> 1.25%, which tells me the actual is higher than the expected. If instead, you subtracted the actual from the expected, then you would get a negative 1.25%, but your actual is still greater than the expected. My preference is to subtract the expected from the actual. That way a positive error tells you the actual is greater than expected, and a negative percent error tells you that the actual is less than the expected.

What is the error rate of coaxial cable?

The bit error rate is a standard transmission-error rate of a medium such as copper wire, coaxial cable, or fiber-optic cable. Coaxial cables have a low error rate that is generally 1 in 1 billion bps.

What is bit error rate?

In a computer system, the bit error rate is based on the percentage of bits transmitted and received compared to those that resulted in error.

How do I activate dictation on my iMac?

The default is to press the Fn key twice to activate dictation but you can change that shortcut. Open System Preferences. Dictation & Speech. Click the Dictation tab and turn dictation on or off. Under shortcut you can change it.