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The number 780 can be written as 7.80 × 102

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What is 3x3x7 in exponent form?

3x3x7 in exponent form is 32 x 7

Who you write 9 cubes in exponent form?

9 cubes in exponent form = 93

How do you write 216 in standard and exponent form?

The standard form is 216 Exponent form is 2.16 x 102

What is the exponent of 5x5x6x6?

In exponent form, we have 52 x 62.

What is fifty square written in exponent form?

Fifty squared written in exponent form is 502

What is 7 to the sixth power in exponent form?

7 to the sixth power in exponent form is 76

What is the prime factorization in exponent form of 27?

The prime factorization in exponent form of 27 is: 33 = 27

What is 6x6x5x6x3x2x3 in exponent form?

6x6x5x6x3x2x3 in exponent form is 2 x 32 x 5 x 63

What is the definition for exponential form?

The form in which you have a base with an exponent.

What is a rational exponent in math?

If the exponent or raised power of a number is in the form of p/q the exponent is said to be rational exponent. For example= 11/2 22/3

What is 78 over 780 in simplest form?

78/780 = 1/10 Tip: If you type 78 divided by 780 into a calculator, you will see 0.1 is your answer. 0.1 = 1/10

What is squared in exponent form?

A squared number has an exponent of 2. So x squared = x2

Why is a negitave exponent put into fraction form?

A negative exponent is put into fraction form because it is a way of writing powers of fractions or decimals.

What is 18 in exponent form?

there is no exponent form for it u have to put 2x9

In powers and exponents what does standard form mean?

It means the number form of the exponent.

What does exponent form mean?

When a mksfojfjasb sdjksfhjkdf jkdhfjkhjkds

Express 8x8x8x8x8 in exponent form?

express 8x8x8x8x8 in exponent form

What is a exponent form?

"Exponent form" means in the form either f(x)= e^(to the something or other), or y=e^(to the something or other). The letter 'e' in maths in the exponential function, hence the phrase "exponent form". You should be aware that e^x is the opposite of log(x), in the same way that "plus" and "minus" are opposites.

What is 45 percent of 780?

45% of 780= 45% * 780= 0.45 * 780= 351

What is 150 percent of 780?

150% of 780= 150% * 780= 1.5 * 780= 1170

What is 30 percent of 780?

30% of 780= 30% * 780= 0.3 * 780= 234

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