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if there is no exponent shown, then the exponent is 1. ex: 41

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Q: What is the exponent if an exponent is not given?
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Related questions

What is the exponent of 88?

Since 88 is given as a number without an exponent, its implied exponent is 1.

Is 13 an exponent?

Not sure what you're asking. Any number can be an exponent, like 1013, where 13 would be the exponent in this case. If you were given the number 13, and asked what the exponent was, the answer would be one (1), since any number to the 1 power equals that number, so 131 = 13, if no exponent is given then it is assumed to be one (1).

What is the exponent for 760?

Answer: 1 Something like 52 is called a power. The base is 5 and the exponent is 2. If the exponent is not given it is assumed to be one, so that 760 = 7601. The exponent is 1.

When can you say a given expressions are polynomials?

you can say that it is polynomial if that have a exponent

Used as a factor as many times as given by the exponent?

The base

What is a number that tells how many times a given number is used in a factor?

an exponent

What is the exponent of 50?

When you are given just a whole number like 50 this means the exponent is just 1 So 501 is your answer

A raised number that represents repeated multiplication of a factor in an?

The answer could be exponential representation but, given the limited amount of information in the question, it is hard to be sure.

What is used as a factor as many times a given by the exponent?

The base is the number that is going to be raised to a power.

What is the meaning of the given letters of GEMDAS?

GEMDAS- grouping,exponent, multiplication,divission,addition,subtraction

What is the exponent of meter?

The exponent is a characteristic of a number. A measurement unit does not have an exponent. Since a metre is a measurement unit, it does not have an exponent.

What is an exponent and a coefficient?

An exponent is a quantity representing the power to which a given number or expression is to be raised, usually expressed as a raised symbol beside the number or expression. A coefficient is a numerical or constant quantity placed before and multiplying the variable in an algebraic expression. In the expression 4x^2 (four x squared) the four is the coefficient and the 2 is the exponent.

Is 25 an exponent?

Yes, 25 CAN BE and exponent. Any number can be and exponent

How do you addsubtractmultiply and divide written in scientific notation?

First you have to set it to the same power of 10. Then it can easily be added or subtracted. To multiply, you just multiply the given values and add the exponent. To divide, you divide the numbers and subtract the exponent.

How do you get the exponent?

you get an exponent when you multiply EXAMPLE 10x10x10=1000 that is an exponent NO DONT THINK THAT IF THE EXPONENT IS 3 YOU MULTIPLY IT BY 3 NO WAY JOSE

What is the exponent in 10 to the 5 power?

Power = 5 = exponent. That is, exponent = 5.

What is the answer of 25a exponent of 5 15a exponent of 4-35a exponent of 3-40a exponent of 3 10a divided by 5a?


What is the definition of exponent?

a quantity representing the power to which a given number or expression is to be raised, usually expressed as a raised symbol beside the number or expression

What is 7a 4 as the exponent times 3a 2 as the exponent?

It is: 21a exponent 6

What is an exponent of an exponent?

The question is not specific enough. The word exponent has several meanings. Thus, an exponent of an exponent could refer to a person who is an expert promoter of the mathematical concept of the indices or powers of numbers.

Can you have more than one exponent on top of a number?

Yes, you can, but it starts getting complicated. You can, for example have a number raised to an exponent that is itself a number raised to an exponent, or you can have a number raised to an exponent and the result raised to another exponent.

What is an exponent in an expression?

An exponent is any number denoted in the following manner. 2x where x is an exponent.

What is the lost exponent?

what is the loose exponent

What part of speech does exponent play in this sentence Our new senator is an exponent of women's rights?

Exponent is a noun.

Why is an exponent called exponent?

The word "exponent" is derived from the Latin verb "exponere", to "put out [more of something]".