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you can say that it is polynomial if that have a exponent

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Q: When can you say a given expressions are polynomials?
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What is non polynomial - algebraic expressions?

what is non polynomials

What is true about both the numerator and denominator of rational expressions?

Both the numerator and denominator are polynomials

Which of the expressions are not polynomials?

Exponential, trigonometric, algebraic fractions, inverse etc are all examples.

What does poloments mean?

"Poloments" appears to be a misspelling. If you meant "polynomials," they are mathematical expressions with multiple terms involving variables and coefficients. Polynomials are commonly used in algebra and calculus.

Factorising two polynomials with example for std 8?

are the followimg expressions polynomials1. b squre -25

Are polynomial expressions closed under multiplication?

Yes, because there is no way of multiplying two polynomials to get something that isn't a polynomial.

How do you make working model of maths on polynomials?

Polynomials are the simplest class of mathematical expressions. The expression is constructed from variables and constants, using only the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and non-negative integer exponents.

How do you solve an algeraba problem?

There are lots of different types of problems in algebra; you have to learn each type separately. For example, how to add similar expressions; how to multiply expressions; how to factor polynomials; how to solve equations; etc.

What is common in each given polynomials?

The independent variable and the constant(s).

What is the meaning of polynomials?

If a polynomial expression is derived from a word problem it has the same meaning as the word problem. Polynomial expressions that represent scientific laws have the specific meaning of that law.

What is basic algebra?

That's what you learn in high school, in a first subject of algebra - things like evaluating expressions, converting them, solving equations, factoring polynomials, etc.

How are algebraic expressions and equations alike?

Algebraic expressions are the written relations of or between variables. For example, x2, 1/x, and x + y + z are all algebraic expressions. Algebraic equations are simply algebraic expressions that equate to something. For example, x2 = 4, 1/x = y, and x + y + z = 42 are all algebraic equations. In general, one differentiates algebraic expressions from exponential, trigonometric, hyperbolic, and logarithmic expressions by requiring algebraic expressions to be confined to polynomial expressions. I've added a link regarding polynomials below.