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Q: What is the exponent of the monomial n5?
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What is a monomial in algebra?

A monomial is an expression made up of a co-efficient, a variable , and an exponent that has only one term. Monomial = 4x ^2 4= co-efficient x=variable 2= exponent.

What is the degree of x-3?

You take the exponent of the highest monomial, in this case, 1.

The numerical coefficient of the monomial -4x3 is 3 is it true or false?

if the monomial is -4x3, then the coefficient is the number in front, so it is -4, thus false. 3 is the exponent, or degree.

What is the degree of a variable in a monomial?

The number of times that the variable occurs as a factor in the monomial. In other words, the exponent of the variable, e.g., x² - x + 6 is 2nd degree.

How do you find the degree of a monomial?

By definition, a monomial has only one unknown independent variable, usually represented by a letter of the alphabet. The exponent immediately after that symbol for the unknown is the degree of the monomial.

Can monomials have negative exponents?

Monomials can have negative exponents, if the term for the exponent is not a variable, but if it is a variable with a negative exponent, the whole expression will not be classified. This is so because the definition of a monomial states that, a monomial can be a product of a number and one or more variables with positive integer exponents. I hope that answered your question!

Describe a polynomial in one variable?

A polynomial has 2 or more variables. It can also have a negative exponent and a fractional exponent. It's different from a monomial.****BrandonW****

Is this number a monomial or binomial or trinomial 341a9?

Monomial. Monomial. Monomial. Monomial.

How is the degree of a polynomial determined?

The Degree (for a polynomial with one variable) is the largest exponent of that variable.

Is this a polynomial or binomial or trinomial 4x2?

It is a polynomial (monomial). It is a polynomial (monomial). It is a polynomial (monomial). It is a polynomial (monomial).

Is 2XY a monomial binomial or a trinomial?


What is the definition of a degree of a monomial?

A degree of a monomial is simply what exponent or power the monomial is raised to. Key: ^ means "raised to the power of" -5t^2 means the degree is 2, the number is -5, and the variable which is being put to the power of, is t. the degree has a little trick, however. If there are three monomials or more, being added or subtracted, to make a polynomial, and each has a degree (lone variable has a degree of 1) and the monomial that has the highest degree represnts the whole polynomial's degree.