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(3y - 5)(y + 5)

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Q: What is the factor of 3y squared plus 15y minus 5y minus 25?
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What is 10y squared minus 15y squared?

10y2 - 15y2 = -5y2

How do you factor 10x plus 15y?


How do you factor out x squared plus 8xy plus 15y squared?

x2 + 8xy + 15y2 = (x + 3y) (x + 5y)

How do you factor 4xยฒ plus 16xy plus 15yยฒ?

(2x + 3y)(2x + 5y)

What is the Factor of 5x plus 10 plus 15y?

5(x + 2 + 3y)

What is 6y plus 9y minus 15?


What is the greatest common factor of 15y plus 30x equals 10?

3y plus 6x = 2

What is 15y to the 8th power minus 7y to the 3rd power?

15y^8 - 7y^3 = y^3(15y^5 - 7)

Is 10 plus 5y 15y?


How do you factor 27-9x 15y?


What does y stand for in 15y plus 14 equals 2 times 5y plus 6?

15y+14=2(5y+6) 15y+14=10y+12 15y+14-14=10y+12-14 15y=10y-2 15y-10y=10y-2-10y 5y=-2 y=-2/5

How do you solve 3xy-4x plus 15y-20?

3xy-4x + 15y-20 Sol: As there are no number are same. So -4x-3xy +15y-20 -------------------- -4x-3xy+15y-20

X over 5y plus 2x over 3y equals?

x/5y + 2x/3y = 3x/15y + 10x/15y = 13x/15y

15y plus 9 equals - 36?


What is the greatest common factor for 15y and 25?

The GCF is 5.

How extract common factors from brackets?

You use the distributive property. That is, you look for a common factor, divide each of the terms within parentheses, brackets, or whatever by this common factor, and write the common factor once outside the parentheses. For example: 10x + 15y Here you have a common factor of 5, so you can take this factor out: 10x + 15y = (10x + 15y) = 5(2x + 3y)

What is 8y plus 9 plus 7y simplified?

8y + 7y = 15ySo [ 8y + 9 + 7y ] = 15y + 9If you want to get fancy and factor that expression, it's 3(5y + 3) .

How can you get coefficients that are equal for y. 3x plus 5y equals 7 2x plus 15y equals 11?

Multiply the first equation by 3 to give 9x + 15y = 21

What is the slope intercept form of the equation 15y equals 10x plus 12?

what is the slope-intercept form of the equation 15y=10x+12

How do you solve 15y plus 1 equals x for y?

i have no clue what the answer is

How do you factor 15y2 - 26y 11?

If that's + 11, the answer is (15y - 11)(y - 1)

What is 5x-15y?

5x-15y = -10

How do you simplify 12x plus 4x plus 25y plus 15y?

Combine like terms, meaning add 12X plus 4X which is 16X and then you add 25Y plus 15Y which equals 40Y so the answer will be 16x+40y. combine like terms means add the ones with the same variable.

Factorise 15y plus 20?

15 y + 20 = 5(3y + 4)

What is the greatest common factor of 12y3 and 15y2?

The GCF of 12y^3 and 15y^2 is 3y^2