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Q: What is the factor of one third?
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What did One direction placed in the X factor?


Who was third in The X Factor 2010?

One Direction were third.

What is an x factor from one direction?

An X-factor is a show, in which One Direction came in third.

What year did one direction came third on x factor?

There came third in 2010

What place did One Direction finish on The X Factor?

One Direction finished in third place on the X Factor.

Did one direction won on x factor?

No, they came in third.

Which place did One Direction come in The X Factor?


Is one direction the x factor 2011 winner?

One direction came in third place on the x factor in 2010.

What position did one direction get in the x factor UK?

One Direction got third place in the X Factor U.K.

When did One Direction get third place on the show X Factor?

in the 2010 edition of the X Factor in the UK

Did one direction came third on the x factor?

Yes they did in 2010.

Did one direction ever win x factor?

No, they finished in third place.