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the fastest man alive can run it in 3.46 seconds from a running start

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what was the fastest time in the 40 yard dash and by who? Me ha ha ha

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Q: What is the fastest 40 in the world?
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What is the world record for worlds fastest texting?

THe world record for fastest texting is 140 characters in 40 seconds

What is the world's fastest 40 meter time?

4.09 seconds

Darrell green fastest 40 times?

Green's fastest recorded 40 time is 4.09 seconds. ------------------------- Green's fastest unrecorded 40 time is 3.81 seconds.

Fastest NFL 40?

Bo Jackson 4.12 at the NFL Combine. Fastest verified 40.

World's fastest 40 yard dash time ever recored?

Bo Jackson was 4.12

What is the fastest 40 yard dash in the world?

Zack Dehler from St. Joseph, Minnesota ran it in 3.9670

Is Weight Watchers the fastest growing organization in the world?

Good question, since Weight Watchers has been around for over 40 years. I think they consider themselves one of the fastest shrinking organisations in the world.

Who is the fastest walker in the world?

who is the fastest walker i the world

What is the fastest Animal in the desert?

The ostrich is the fastest animal in the Sahara Desert. The ostrich can run at speeds of 40-45 miles per hour and is the third fastest land animal in the world behind the cheetah and the pronghorn.

The fastest 40 in the nfl?

Chris Johnson

How fast can man kind possibly run?

The world's fastest man can run up to 40 mph. That as much as a race horse.